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Monday, January 05, 2009



It's pretty! Bummer that one is smaller than the other. :(


the color and pattern is so pretty - too bad about the size issues.
I've had this happen before as well...... which is pretty much why I knit one sock at a time, using same needles. go figure.


What the hull is right! But, they are pretty!!

Lisa McGuire

Same thing happened to me...though it was on my very first (and only) pair of socks. I thought it was part of second sock syndrome, or because the more I knit, the better knitter I become, and this in some crazy-knitterly-way effects my gauge.(?!?) Then that leaves us with doing a swatch per sock! UGH!! Doing one per project is difficult as it is, but two?? Say it isn't so! (Love the pattern!) :)


Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem! *chuckle* I started doing two socks at once - trying to beat the second sock sydrome. Goodness knows I have multiple sets of DPN's. But none of my wood DPNS are the same size - well, they are marked the same size- they measure the same size - but they feel different. I always ended up with different sized socks! Does this mean I should just buck up and learn to do two socks at a time on one giant circular?

Knitting is zen right? Its yoga for the soul. :) Happy knitting!


Make sure you are checking the size of your Harmony needles with a Knit Picks needle gauge. Their needles are a bit different in size from other brands, ask me how I know this?


How aggrevating! The socks are beautiful, though. I love the yarn, too.


You just need to do 2 socks together on 1 circular - that way you are assured the socks will be the same size :-)
Your socks are beautiful in Chiquitita!


I had that happen also but it was due to tension...when I'm really stressed I knit tighter. Regardless...I hope you get it worked out because that is a lovely pattern and it really shows off the color changes in the your yarn. :)


Kim- That makes no sense. And probably why I don't really knit socks.

Having said that, I am tempted by Anne's Woodsmoke socks.


I'm glad to know this can happen, but what can you do? This just shouldn't happen!! Needles are too expensive as it is. Love the sock and yarn!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Since you say they are the same size, could it be a difference in the slickness of the needle or some such? That could change how you handle the yarn... Regardless, I'm sorry you have to pull it out - that's so frustrating!


Crystal Palace has the size on the needles but it wears off quickly. Maybe you have a 2.5 and not a 2.25...both are considered 1s.


How annoying! At least you noticed before you were much further along!!

(PS - I thought this post was going to be about the hockey player, Brett Hull. Oops. Not so much.)


I like the pattern. The solution! We need to get you doing two at a time via the magic loop...guarenteed same size!! If not that, two at a time with two circulars... ;-)


That's odd but the socks are beautiful.


Impressed here, even if they are different sizes; shame to have to re-work them. I have recently bought a book on doing socks on two circular needles, so am looking forward to having a go at that.

Love the blog, btw.




Beautiful socks - that is so weird that one is smaller than the other...I hope you can get that straightened out.

Wool Winder

And just when you thought you had it figured out. How frustrating!


I think the Harmony DPNs have two sizes that are labeled US 1s. So it's possible you ordered the wrong millimeter size in the other set? I must say that the sock pattern looks fabulous, and the knitting as lovely as always.


Wow ~ that's frustrating. The sock pattern looks lovely.

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