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Thursday, January 01, 2009



This post rang so true for me. Why are we so hard on ourselves?
I select a word for my theme of the year - and this year it is 'acceptance'.
There's a great list of words at Christine Kane's blog.
Happy New Year!


Being gentle with yourself is a good skill to learn :-)
Besides, it feels so much better than the alternative!
Many New Year's blessings to you and your family.


I know what you mean. I'm in constant activity. And constant thinking. Need to slow everything down!


What a lovely post, Kim. Being kind to yourself is the best goal of all. If you can't love yourself who can you love? You've inspired me to work on the same goal. This year I was very hard on myself.


Happy New Year! The main focus of my goals for this year is not to try and cram so much into one moment that I miss the beauty of it. :)


I liked Terry's post, about why should we mark this day in any different way? I don't think I've ever kept a resolution all the way through. So I'm just going to keep going and sharpen where I've been...fitting back into my clothes, exercising more regularly. But I started all that before january 1!


Happy New Year Kim! Mine are the same as yours and to live life to the fullest. I feel I don't do the latter enough. You just don't know in life when your number is called and your time is up. I also want to resolve to eat healthier- I've never been this heavy and it feels awful.


I don't really make any resolutions but I think your idea is a great one.


I am resolving to find myself. I am 31 and feel as though I have been resisting the urge to wander...

The real Kate is somewhere in me... I hope 09 is her year to shine.


I only have 2, spin more, and get my orange belt in karate, the first belt of eight. Both are doable, and enjoyable, so I think I'll be OK. Relaxation is something I have to work at sometimes too.


Some of my resolutions are to be more lenient with myself and learn to just say no. And put aside more time for relaxing and knitting and sleeping.
Wishing you a very wonderful 2009!


Kim- Much the same as yours. We never stop learning, and we can learn to be kinder to ourselves.

You are one of the most industrious people I know- I feel positively inert compared to you.

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