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Friday, January 23, 2009



The yarn looks gorgeous. No reason to fret! I love Beetrice. Just work on her today! I want to see her! Don't you just lover her, already?

frazzy dazzles

Oh....I forgot to say in my comment...if you place the legs a little on the low side she sits better...if her legs sit 'flush' with her body she can tend to be a bit roly poly. If the backs of her thighs sit a little lower than the bottom of the body piece then she tends to sit on their 'flat' edge.

frazzy dazzles

Stay tuned? Stay tuned.....no no no no noooo....I want to see what your idea for Beetrice is! LOL


Always listen to your inner spinner...your yarn is so beautiful and Ms. Beetrice is looking fab. :)


your spinning looks wonderful.
and I totally agree about letting the fiber speak to you as you spin it.
sometimes this means that I "waste" a few yrds here and there, but in truth, I end up using that stuff as accents in my weaving -0 and thus it is never a waste.

and dang.. you make me want to haul my wheel out of the closet!! Maybe this is the year I can really be able to spin once again :-)


I love the roving you dyed and are spinning. It looks beautiful! And Beetrice looks great, too.


Oh, have a great time with Jean! Wish I could be there...
*envy envy envy*
Your doll's legs might have been affected by the fabric's grain. Cutting them out on-grain, off-grain, or on the bias can all give different sizes/shapes. It's the stuffing that makes things go all wonky.


Have an awesome time with Jean. Wish I could be there too! Oh and what is "Worcestered weight yarn" ? LOL Forgive my loving ribbing *ducks and runs* Mwah!


I clicked on the yarn picture and can see that the 2-ply is overspun a bit in the singles, but underplied. I'd run it through the wheel again. Did you wet finish? JMM's rather brutal treatment (hot soapy water with much plunging of fingers or potato masher, then into ice cold, back to hot, then cold, then "whacking") can dramatically change a yarn. The 3-ply looked pretty good.
Thing is, you really do have to take a class or five before some of her techniques sink in and my guess is that you didn't understand from a mere conversation with someone what was really supposed to happen. You have to SEE her do things. ( I highly recommend her Spinning Exotics video!) Having said that, and having taken MANY classes with Judith, there are still things "Judith says" that I just can't do. And things that I do, rather successfully, that horrify The Great One. My advice is to go back to your old ways, but definitely try to take a class with her if you can!


Have fun with Jean! It sounds like a perfect fibre retreat.

I think you've got the right perspective on the spinning (although I'm not a spinner). Let the fibre be what it wants to be. Makes perfect sense to me. It sounds very zen, actually. Sounds like a good rule for life in general.


I talked with Laurie and Margene a lot about JMM's class. I'm intrigued but I'm not going to try any of that until I take a class with her myself.
I bet you and Jean will have a blast this weekend! I'm wishing I was there with you!

Teresa C

Swatch the yarn before you write it off. It may be that the yarn is better for a certain project than it is to just sit and look like a pretty and perfect yarn.

Have fun this weekend! I almost signed up and then, well there is a lot going on around here.


You two have a good time! The class sounds marvelous.


I'm finding that there is a definite learning curve with Judith's techniques. It doesn't come quickly. (I just spun a SPunky batt and am not happy with the result. Overspun.) So clearly, I need to slow down my feet or speed up my hands.

I'm converted to her worsted technique, but I'm not sure about the woolen technique at all.


Have a lovely weekend!


I'm so envious of your living so close to Webs. Lucky you!


The same thing happened to me with some gorgeous Abby batts -- totally overspun. BUT, the final product turned out fine.

Have fun this weekend and give Jean a big hug from me!!


Pretty yarn. Can't wait to see your changes. Have a great weekend!

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