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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Oh, Kim, you've got some beautiful things going on!


Hmmmm. I think I may have to buy some more Beaverslide. So much yarn..So little money..

Linda M

Hi Kim, I didn't check my patterns but if I remember correctly isn't the gauge different between the Knit1 sweater and Acer? I thought Acer was a heavier sweater (maybe I'm wrong?) Both are on my to-do list but with very different yarns. Can't wait to see what you decide.


Love the chokeberry and the shawl, of course, is gorgeous! Can't wait for SPA!


That shawl is beautiful and I love all your sweater choices! I'm amazed - how'd I look over Harriet in A Fine Fleece?!?! Yet ANOTHER sweater I want to knit!


That chokeberry is just georgous! The shawl is amazing...so much yummy yarn goodness in this post. :)

Wool Winder

The chokeberry color is so pretty! It'll make a beautiful sweater, no matter which pattern you choose.


Kim- I love the deep burgundy- it will look lovely on you.


You win a prize for the best post today, at least in my opinion! Look at all of the beautiful yarn you have, the links to the gorgeous sweaters! All patterns but one, are patterns I have considered myself. I hadn't thought about the sweater from KNIT1, although I do have the magazine! Yea! Everything Kristin designs, I love, but the one from KNIT1 is really great, as well. I love, love the Beaverslide. With your yarn and patterns, you can't go wrong, either way you go! I can't wait to see the Etheral Fichu in its entirety.


Leanne at Beaverslide is very good with her customer service. You picked a great color for you.


The new Beaverslide is awesome, what a fabulous color that will be on you. And I think I like Acer a wee bit better. As for the shawl -- yummmm!


The maroon is gorgeous. I find I keep buying shades of the same colours over and over again, but I don't mind.
Your Etheral Fichu Shawl is spectacular!


That Beaverslide color is beautiful (well, both of them actually, but the new one I woulda picked for myself).

I think you'll like Harriet in that yarn - I really enjoyed working the pattern.


Are you sure you're going to rip Teach? I bet you could hot soak it to shrink it, then block? I love Beaverslide, nice color, and Beautiful shawl!


LOVE that Beaverslide -- so gorgeous! I'm dreaming of sweaters too!!


Lovin' the Chokeberry. I'm not much for triangle shawls, but that's a great tesselating motif, so I'm imagining the Ethereal Fichu turned scarf a la Juno Regina. Hmmm...


That maroon beaverslide makes my heart pitter patter - Love it! I think it would look great in either pattern. I have some felted tweed for a tangled yoke too...maybe that will be my next.

Cheryl S.

I -love- the new color of Beaverslide you selected. It will be great in either sweater.

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