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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wool Winder

I really do love the Johnny Appleseed sampler. I know I have a few unfinished or unframed cross-stitch projects hiding in my closet, too.


Pretty needlework!

This is my year to not acquire "stuff!" I want to purge and clean and use up what I have.


Lovely! I had a bit of a cross-stitch period myself. Mine live in the bottom of my cedar chest. ;o)


You are such a talented lady! Thanks for the MWV pics...always warms my heart! Those mountains are good for spirit and soul aren't they?


Amazing. Yes, you do fine fine work. I'm shuddering to think of all that is forgotten in my boxes and attic.


What great handmade treasures and memories. Aren't we so fortunate that you took us on this splendid trip down memory lane.


Kim- I went through that too about 10 years ago- and I still love my wall of stitching. I have the most amazing Bumble Bee one with a big fat bee on the frame-
You are a woman of many talents, Kim.

I'll send you a pic-

(we all have closets like yours)


I went through a similar counted cross-stitch phase in about the same time period! Now you've got me wanting to dig through my sewing room to see what might be buried back there.
Love the samplers!


I did the ABC sampler too! In fact, it is framed and on display!!


We stitch our histories into our needlework. They are all beautiful, full of memories and need to be shown.

Carol Juniper

Last time I had a rummage through a box of odds and ends I came accross a sampler commemorating Charles and Diana's wedding which I haven't even started and I'm sure there were another one or two that are nowhere near finished. Oh dear I won't even mention the two knitting projects that have waited since November to be sewn up - oh rats I just did!!!


I'm so glad you found all those little treasures and are going to frame them. Each piece is so lovely...but the little watermelon boat is my favorite. :)


Such pretty pieces! I'm glad you dug them out and will frame them and enjoy them. I used to love counted cross stitch, too, but the framing was so expensive that I had a hard time justifying the expense.


I used to be a needleworker too -- lots of cxs, but Hardanger was my favorite. Some examples if you scroll down here (best pieces at the bottom on this search): http://livnletlrn.blogspot.com/search?q=hardanger

I have a few xs UFOs tucked away, but even w/ my bifocals (and at only age 42 :::sigh:::), I now need to be in very good light to do any stitching. Still, I know I'd enjoy getting back to it one of these days.

If you'd like, at Spa next mo., I could teach you how to frame your work. I took a series of classes at a local high end needlework shop yrs ago and learned the way professionals do it (lacing), which is easy, although time-consuming, and saves a lot of money.


What a lovely post; all I find is lots of socks and dishcloths I've knitted that are still looking for a home!
I like teh Johnny Appleseed one, might make one for myself, feeling inspired.



frazzy dazzles

What great finds! If I cleaned out my cupboards all year long I wouldn't find anything as lovely as these tucked away!

Teresa C

So pretty and needing to be given life out of the closet!

I have been doing the same thing lately. I have some cross stitch ornaments that I am trying to attend to for a few minutes at least three or four times a week. I have so.much.stuff!


I love both watermelon ones. The watermelon boat is my favorite as it's full of texture. But the sampler one is interesting and amusing- the watermelon slice gets nibbled on from left to right complete with spat out seeds! Thanks for sharing all of them. I too have a few cross-stitch things I did when my kids were wee things- some incomplete also buried in the back of my closet behind my yarn stash- lol.



Very nice samples. I really like this. And I want that ABC Sampler. Good work.

Thank you


Your needlework is lovely!

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