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Sunday, January 11, 2009



Oh, oh! Keepsake Quilting! The first time I went in there, I literally sat down on the floor and cried! So Much Beautiful Fabric!!
Love the new wheels. And red vehicles are so much easier to locate in the snow... 8)


What a fun weekend! I love the fabric it is perfect for Lady Beetrice! :)


Awww, Cleo and Gypsy are so adorable! My Cavaliers all love the snow and cold! Sam and Caroline will go out back in the yard and do face plants, still, at ages 10 and 10 1/2!! I think sometimes they have husky blood! Best to you Kim.


I had to comment. This summer, August we did exactly the same thing! We had a CR-V and put new tires on it only to have the air go out, fortunately it was still under warranty. We traded it in on a Pilot and we just LOVE ours. It is comfortable and spacious!! Enjoy the new ride!


That's great fabric! And enjoy the new wheels!!


Great fabric for your doll! And poor Cleo - what a pitiful look on her face.

kathy b

Awww Gypsy has the spirit. Happy new year


Hee hee! You were probably in there while I was in Patternworks!

Teresa C

Oh, Man! Pete was away this weekend and I totally thought of going up to Keepsake Quilting and was going to give you a call. I cleaned out closets instead. Bummer. We need to talk more often. ;)

Wool Winder

A snowy day is even prettier when the sun is shining. Nice new vehicle.


Kim- I like the Pilot- the CRV is really small inside.
Of course, I am totally in love with my VW Rabbit- but then, I'm not hauling animals or fiber.

Not much fiber, anyway.


i didn't like the CRV either.. i felt too cramped in. The pilot is very pretty! I know a few who have them and love them. Me, my saturn vue is the same size as your pilot and I LOVE It! And, it's great in the snow (8 fresh inches this weekend here).


I knew that fabric looked bee-y.. lol. Can't wait to see her. Pretty new hot rod!


I can't wait to see the quilt. I've never made one, myself, but I've always wanted to make one. Pretty car! Cleo looks so unhappy!!!


We have a KC too; he hates the snow (on the rare occasions we get it down her in southern England) as it gathers on the ends of his ears, poor soul!


Hooray for the Texas gal. We have to stick together. I sure wish we could have some snow. Seeing it in Alaska over Christmas makes me want to move north of Virginia. Just now cold enough for me and there is no snow here. ugh. Lucky you!


Have fun with your new Pilot! I love that you traded in bad wheels for a whole new car. :)


Your weekend sounds so relaxing. The minute I saw the fabric I thought BEES! It's going to be wonderful!


Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I've been playing Guitar Hero, too!! And I love the color of your new car - it's really similar to the color of my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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