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Wednesday, January 07, 2009



They are delightful! For many years, I was a dollmaker...created my own patterns and made one of a kind dolls, which I sold all over the country. They were such fun. I used mostly vintage textiles to create them. The best part of making them was seeing the delight that their new owners had when they knew they had to take one home. Dolls are amazing and wonderful and it is always so cool to see different designers.


Hey there! I think you stopped by my blog earlier...which led me to yours...and I I scrolled through your posts I thought...you might like a workshop I am offering on Cloth and Clay Dolls. http://clothclaydolls.ning.com/
I do not usually "solicit" business...forgive me if you think I am rude.
Take care,


Those are wonderful!

Mary E.Dadds

Oh Kim,
I wanted my daughter to love dolls too.
There is one that i gave her that plays music that she loves.
But like yourself,i see that I am the true Doll Lover.


I LOVE the new doll -- so precious. My daughter was never into dolls either.


I have one of Jen's Garden Warriors also - they are truly a work of art!!



I am particularly enamored with The Lady Beetle! So sweet!

Wonderful post!

frazzy dazzles

Hi Woolen Rabbit!

How nice to stop by and read lovely things about my little doll! Like I said I was hesitant to sell her in the first place because I loved her so much...but you love just as much so I'm happy she found a loving home.

I'll try and list some more Garden Warriors as soon as I can. Just keep popping back. I try to update the blog regularly so there should at least be something new to read while you wait for the Warriors to hit the store!




Love the lady beetle. Annie is slightly strange but I think it's the eyes that give the creepy look. Love the music under the skirt that's a great idea to try here...

Cindy D

I love the Lady Beetle and Sweet Annie............I know what you mean about dolls. I used to give them as gifts and never got one for me. That's all changed now.


Love both dolls, though I have to agree that Annie is more than a little creepy...
I'm a dollmaker, and had two daughters who were both seriously uninterested in dolls. *sigh*


Love your Lady Beetle warrior. The Bee one will be awesome.

For those unable to find her Etsy shop- click Jenny's link to her blog Frazzy Dazzles (the first one above) and then to her Etsy link in her side bar. If you then go to items sold you'll see the 3 Warriors there.


Kim- Most folk art is decidedly not "cute" but primitive.

It's all a question of taste. Have you seen my son's turd doll?

Cheryl S.

The lady beetle doll is absolutely adorable. I think she'd make me smile every time I looked at her.

But I agree with the girls. Annie's creepy.


I love your new friends! I went immediately to the site (left yours and came back!), but I didn't see where the patterns were. I'll find them. Cute, cute.


Fun post! I like your new doll - she's so whimsical. And I can totally see a bee doll.

I like the creepy music under the dress. I can just hear everyone laughing about it!


Annie reminds me of Coraline by Neil Gaiman. No wonder your daughters think she is creepy.


Your post made me think of my grandmother and how she made a lovely Raggedy Ann and Andy for me when I was about 7.
Several years ago Andy's black cloth foot was disintegrating so I carefully ripped his foot off and used it to make a new foot pattern and replaced his feet. I also unstuffed both dolls, washed them and restuffed them with modern fiber-fill. I'm so glad I did that.
I have one daughter and she was never interested in playing with dolls either.


Oh yes I like sweet Annie, too! She's a little well, maybe not creepy, but messy. At one time I collected lady bugs and the Garden Warrior would have been so tempting!


I'm glad you found Jenny and her dolls...it sounds like you are a match made in heaven! :)


Your dolls are great but I think Annie looks kind of creepy, too.


I have had three girls who like dolls sometimes but not true lovers of dolls. I like sweet Annie, and I guess the fact she might just be a bit creepy says that no-one can be sweet all the time.

Lady Euphoria

Hi Woolen Rabbit,

Your link to Jenny did not work and I just need to find more. Thank you for showing your dolls to us. I love Sweet Annie. She is my kind of doll. My daughter wasn't a doll girl either so I know what you mean.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

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