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Monday, December 15, 2008


Cheryl S.

How awful! Sorry to hear about all of the troubles - and hopefully this will be the end of it.


That is so awful, I hope she heals quickly and the snowboard is recovered.


Kim- My sister broke her wrist last year, and it was painful- poor girl.
Isn't that terrible that someone would steal a snowboard? What is wrong with people?

At least the hat is fixable.


poor Courtney - ((hugs)) to her.


For the hat, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Aidan can turn up the cuff more until it fits him better if it really is too big. My experience is that kids heads are always bigger than we think. Since you've run out of the black, do you have enough of the red left to finish it? If not, how about a complimentary color?

I am so sorry to hear what the girls have had to live through. We wish Hannah a speedy recovery and hugs to Kim, she'll get through this a stronger person.


Hope things improve for you all soon!



Oh, you poor thing! Hannah and Courtney both getting hurt (physically and emotionally) on the same day takes a toll on mama, too. I hope this is the end of your bad luck!


I am so sorry for all your bad news. So terrible. i really hope things are all smooth sailing from now on.


I'm so sorry for you and your girls! Here's to GREAT things in the new year!


I hope the snowboard jumps out from under the thief and whacks him/her firmly on the butt. Repeatedly. And that Hannah's wrist takes knitting speed lessons from Vanessa. Hugs to all of you!


Oh Kim! So sorry to hear about you and the girls bad luck. The same thing happened to my eldest snowboarding- no break, but a deeply bruised wrist on her second day out. Hugs to you all. Nice color cast btw. Mine came off today :-)


Oh no! Get well soon, Hannah! And I have to thing that one is taking a risk gunning down a mountain on the stolen snowboard -- not good karma at all.


Oh, so sorry to hear about all of that! Is the cast on for 6 weeks?
Hope the snow board turns up and the rest of 2008 and 2009 are much better than the 3 bad lucks your family has had.


Oh boy, here is hoping that this is the end of it for you. Hope Hannah is feeling better soon, a cast is no fun. The hat looks good, even in its current state. What about doing the red at the top?? Or pulling it back a bit and decreasing a bit sooner than planned?


Oh, I am so sorry on all of these!


That's just plain mean of someone! She'll heal more quickly from the break than from the heartbreak of loosing her first board.
Make the hat two rows shorter. Will it matter that much?


It's awful that someone took something that she worked so hard for. Sorry to hear that Hannah broke her wrist. Nice color for a cast, though. Would yarn cheer her up? I know of a great place to get some!


Oh, Kim!! The hat is not a problem at all, compared to the other two problems! Poor Hannah, and right here at the holidays, too. How long does she have to wear the cast? I'm sorry! Hopefully, the snowboard will turn up. I'm quite sure there can be no more bad luck; you've had enough!

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