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Sunday, December 28, 2008



I don't have any suggestions for tightening up your stitches, but I do have one for a shawl to be made with your sea silk. I knitted the Diamond Fantasy Shawl (the scarf version) with that yarn and I absolutely love it! It would be gorgeous in your colorway. Just a thought if the other doesn't work.


I hope the above have help you sort out your edging worries. I think the extra stitch is the most likely option I would choose. Hope Christmas was fun fun fun.


The easiest way to make the edges match is to just start every row with K1, YO, and end each row with K2 on the knit side and P2 on the purl side. You get the same visual effect on the edges, without the wafflies.


Catching up on your posts - happy holidays to you!


Kim- Any lace in progress is SO exciting.

...I have to go lay down now.

Wool Winder

I doesn't even look sloppy to me, so I'm no help. Hope you get it looking like you want it.


I'm rather inept with sea silk. Twisted Vines is looking so good. That's going to be one lovely sweater!


I, too, love that pattern. I'm spinning some beautiful cria/camel mix that I hope to knit it with. For the edge I would say if there is any way possible to slip the first stitch of each row with the yarn in front, it gives a lovely clean edge. With the YO as the second stitch you might want to add an extra knit stitch to both sides also. Good luck!


What a lovely sweater. Sorry about your left edge woes...but at least the yarns you were playing with were scrumptious! :)


Agree on the combined technique attempt.

Teresa C

I like the idea of adding another stitch to each edge and make it garter, OR-try working that yarn over in the opposite direction, instead of taking the yarn under the needle and over, take it over the top of the needle and then knit the next stitch. It will result in a yarn over that is seated backwards on the needle, so knit or purl into the back of it so it isn't twisted. This yarn over will use less yarn in the making and maybe tighten up that last stitch a little.

Loving the sweater!


Off the top of my head I would twist the purl stitch and on the following row knit that stitch through the back of the loop to untwist it. Or add an extra stitch on each side so there are two edge stitches.


Are you slipping the first purl stitch? That might make a difference and clean it up a bit...

That sea silk is beautiful!

My knitting schedule is clear too and I'm having a heckuva time deciding on what to knit next!


Your Twisted Vines Sweater looks lovely! What yarn are you using for it?
I'm not experiences enough with knitting lace to offer any suggestions but I'm curious to hear what anyone else suggests for tightening your left edge.

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