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Sunday, November 30, 2008



Starmore has two books available for purchase from the Virtual Yarns website. It's easy to overlook them. One is A Collector's Item and the other is The Children's Collection. Doesn't help any if you fall for one of the Aran Knitting patterns though.


OK< I may be confused. Although the pattern is in the book, you still need to adapt for adult sizes...right??


Kim- The Alice Starmore thing is long and involved, but her patterns (aside from copyright issues) had to be re-worked because she uses her own VY yarns, and they are a different tension than the Jamieson's. Having said that, while they are pricey, the colors are amazing.


You know, I can always get Starmore's books though inter-library loan. That way, it's free!


I'm glad you were able to find the book! I think, given her legal issues with yarn and copyrights, that's probably why the pattern isn't available through her site. She does have other older patterns she must have retained rights to, because she DOES have kits for those.

I'm sure there's someone out there who knows all the gory details better than I do.


Thanks for the tip about the candles. I'm glad you found a winner.

The sweater is gorgeous. I think patterns should be included in a kit. If the kit has become popular, and the book isn't around, anymore, then the shop should find a way to offer the pattern. It's just wrong! Now, I want the pattern too. The sweater is awesome.

I'm sorry about the Patriots. I'm a big Colts' fan (I'm from Indiana), and it isn't as much fun for our rivalry without Tom. Oh well, there's next season. We're not that great this year, either.


It is a strange way to do business.


I'm glad I've been able to resist the allure of Alice Starmore. It just seems so unreasonable.

leslie - knitting therapist

I'm telling you, this is the only example of when I would be willing and HAPPY to break my own, very rigid, copyright code!

Makes me seeth every time.


Oh, she is a piece of work, that one.


That sweater is GORGEOUS! And thanks for the candle link -- they look great!


I'm glad you were able to get the book. That sweater will look great on you. I love the shape of the neckline.

kathy b

I really must agree. The pattern most certainly should be included.

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