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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Lisa McGuire

I LOVE the vibrant colors!! I need to buy some...where is this thing called "The Gathering" (sounds a bit cult-ish). Where can one purchase these incredible yarns? The pictures would make very nice note cards also. :) I totally agree re: polital print ads...wasted money that can be better spent elsewhere.


I've read the website repeatedly for The Gathering information. It doesn't say where it is! It only mentions a ballroom. So, where is this event? It sounds like a lot of fun.


I am thrilled with the outcome of the election! I went directly from the highest high, to the lowest low, as family and friends went berserk about Obama getting elected. What is wrong with people? This election has brought out the best and the worst in people, more than I can ever remember. I'm thankful to live in Maine, where many people understand.
Thank goodness for yarn, knitting, and great blogs like this one. These things keep me going.

kathy b

One of my favorite sayings is something like this:

Can you be still enough to let your muddy waters settle, so the clarity can surface? I like to think my knitting helps my muddy waters settle!

Your yarns look amazing!


have fun at the gathering this weekend. Your yarn looks lovely :-)


Kim- I have noticed that the world in general is really rude, and it makes me sad.

But pictures of your yarn always makes me happy.


No such thing as getting tired of looking at yarn on your blog missy! Have fun at The Gathering and save me few skeins before you get picked clean, okay? You should publish a calendar with all of your yarn/ fiber!


I'm not political, but I have strongly held beliefs, just like I'm not religious, but consider myself spiritual.

Your yarns are lovely!


Is any of that pink yarn going to be in your online shop??? Just asking :-)


I'm just glad it's over. Have fun in Wakefield! I thought about going but with the WEBS class and Cambridge next weekend, I couldn't justify it... dang it all... lol.


"It is good" - Yes. I love your take on this and suggestion of putting the money from all the paper ads towards something else... Less waste, more progress! :)

pat jarvis

KIM - love , love all your yarn - could look at it every day too - thinking maybe next year need to get an idea of what fairs you will take your yarn too , and come and visit at one of them

- a great way to see all your yarn and finally meet you too

pat j


Hooray for the Gathering - see you there!

Mary Beth

I agree - I just felt sad at the mean-ness displayed by people during the campaign. So relieved it is all over and we cn now move on!


Oh the Gathering!? I so wish I could be with you all again. Love the color and I'm with Terry...I too love seeing your colorful yarns every day.


That's some beautiful yarn you'll be selling this weekend. I didn't get much mail this season, must be a MA thing, but I did get awfully sick of the tv ads - especially the Shaheen and Sununu ones - an election I couldn't even vote on anyway!


Yes, I think we're all happy to see yarn pictures anytime, and especially yours, since it's so gorgeous.
Even up here in Canada we're tired of hearing about the election for so long. We're glad it's over and everyone I talk to is happy about the result.

Teresa C

I'd be happy to see photos of your dyed stuffs every day of the month.


It was an exciting election! I'm so happy to not be assaulted today by nasty political ads and mailings!

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