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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

I've got 1280x800. :)


woo hoo - time for snow angels!

your twisted vines is going to be stunning - love the color.


Oh, my! We were without power for twenty-six hours!!!!! We just got it back on. We didn't get the snow, just horrible, horrible wind. The snow is really pretty. I have a Meggie, Golden Retriever. She doesn't like the snow, but my male Golden loves it. Your doggies are so sweet! Happy Turkey Day!


Oh, I like the snow rather than humidity too. Love dog pics!


1280 X 1024 here. oo, I never did that before, I may have to start learning computery stuff since I'm down to only one kid in the house.


Oh, your SNOW! Lucky grrrl! I'm with you ALL the way on the snow vs. humidity!
Your pups are the best!


mine is 1280 x 720. When I look at your shop site through the first half of the paragraph is always cut off. So I never know how big the braids of fiber are.


Your resolution is fine, no square on the side.
Your so lucky to have snow! I would love to be there.


Like the posting today. My terrier loves snow but hates the rain.


1024x768 on the work computer... certainly higher at home...

Those of us slightly to the south envy your snow. We got pouring horrid rain.. and I have a Pyrenees. While she doesn't mind the rain, I mind the rain, and the mud, and the rubbing of the rain soaked nose on my bed/couch/rug. Soon, we too shall have the fluffy white stuff to romp in (for some reason I don't mind cleaning up snow!)


My resolution is 1024x768 ...seems to be a common setting!


1280 x 800 is my screen resolution. The snow is beautiful! I love the snow...until about mid-January, when the charm has worn off. By April, I've really had enough! But we can enjoy it for now...



Yeah, I'm not quite ready for snow but I do prefer it over the hot sticky stuff. It's just better for cozying up with the knitting!


Nice snow!! I still get excited each year at the first snow storm. My res is 1024x768, and you fill my whole screen. Happy Thanksgiving!


Nice snow!! I still get excited each year at the first snow storm. My res is 1024x768, and you fill my whole screen. Happy Thanksgivign!


800x600 (I am blind as a bat, too) and there are NO white boxes here....

Cleo is precious! I've always been drawn to the Cav...

Wool Winder

The snow is really pretty, though I'm completely opposite of you--I'll take hot and humid over cold and snowy any day. Good thing we both live where we do.


1024 x 768. No blank white boxes.

I love the snow! However, last winter was my first having to drive 60 miles round trip for work. . . with the highest snowfall we've had in about thirty years! I was plenty tired of it by the time March rolled around. I'm with you though; I'll still take it over hot and humid any day!


Hi Kim

I have a new IMac and it is set at 1680 x 1050.

I love the pictures of the pups and the snow. We only have a couple of inches and our lake is frozen. Almost time for snowmobiling and sledding. Have and wonderful Thanksgiving.



1680 x 1050. The snow is lovely!


1280X800 here.

Thanks for the snow pictures! It has been cold enough for it here and the sky actually looked like it the other day but other than a few random flakes the other morning...no snow!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


1280 x 800

I'm glad I got rain. I want 3" of snow Christmas Eve (I'll get a refund of $75 - a store marketing campaign)and I want to build one snowman and have one snowball fight sometime in January. Other than that, I'll be dreaming of warmer weather.


You have our snow!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!!


1280x800. i am jealous of your snow :-)


I'm set at 1200X800. Your snow is beautiful but I'm with Cleo. Her expression seems to be saying : WTF?


Kim- I'll have to get back to you on the resolution.

Dogs. They are so funny. I have a lab that hates to get wet, but she loves snow. And give me winter over summer any time.

Cheryl S.

1600 x 1200
Wow - look at all that pretty snow! (I probably wouldn't be calling it pretty if it were over here, though.)

Rebecca in Tennessee

I'm praying for snow for Christmas...only had it once in my life and it was 3 days old...really not pretty anymore after everyone had driven on it.

Donna S.

1024 x 768
Don't see a white square. Just white trees! So pretty!!!

Lisa McGuire

1024 by 768 pixels, I'm SO jealous of the amount of snow you received! In southern NH, I got tons of rain...great. Did you know that rain can come in through closed windows? Yes, I found that out today. Snow can't. I'll take snow any day, at least you can shovel it, what can you do with the rain?

Teresa C

1280x800. I never think of those things.

The snow looks fabulous! Did it melt today?


I can't tell what the resolution is!

It looks beautiful there -- just in time for Thanksgiving!!!!


1064 x 768


I love snow, too...but I live in a townhouse and pay for someone to remove it for me! Resolution=1344x840 and I don't see a stray box anywhere...


I'm set at 1280 x 800.
The snow looks so pretty on your trees!!


1280 x 1024


1440 x 900. How much snow did you get? 6 inches? We got lots of rain. The lawn went from frozen to squishy. My labs love the snow like your Maggie. They scoop it up with their noses and lick it off. Then they slide nose first like seals with their butts high in the air. And roll around in it. Fun times!


1280 X 800 is my monitor resolution.

Mid-October, winter spent some time in Wyoming, but since then the temperatures are more seasonal. A nice Indian Summer has settled in my area. I tend to agree with Ken - bah humbug!


snow! sooooo beautiful, but then down here in middle Georgia we react a little differently to snow :-)). Haven't had any in years now. The resolution on my computer is set for 1024 by 768.


EEk, snow!! It is pretty, though.

1440 x 900


Snow already? Wow.

My resolution is set at 1440 x 900. Hope this helps!


Does 1280x800 make any sense to you? I think that's what mine is set on.

Those photos would make wonderful holiday cards...done in sepia.


Could not find the resolution. I am so envious of your snow. I think your pups are perfectly expressive. I would be like Maggie: "Where are my skis?? Where are my skiis? Nownownownownow!"

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