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Monday, October 20, 2008



hahaha, well i'm a little late reading this but i was scairt for ya, sistah!

now, i'm laughing and simply jealous of your chair . . that might be a good thing for me to buy for the downstairs area . . .


I "lost" my car, too, two years ago. I was certain I knew where it was -- and I was somewhat close to the entrance. I also thought it was stolen, but quickly realized no one wanted a 7-year old Subaru! But there is something about exiting from an adjacent gate that gets you turned slightly off balance and then . . . lost car.




Oh no! It's a good thing that you found it though!


I had no idea your day of fun ended that way. Last year Terry locked her keys in the car and we had to call in the troups. We'll be there to fan out across the parking lot if you have trouble again.


Many many years ago, I worked at a store in a mall. One day my grandmother came to give me a ride home from work. We went out to where she remembered parking her car, but couldn't find it. We walked up and down every line of parked cars in the whole lot before she finally said, "To hell with this, let's go get ice cream." Back into the mall we went, had ice cream (hot fudge sundaes, as I recall), and when we came out, there was her car in exactly the spot she had thought it was to begin with. (We had looked in that spot four times. The car was NOT there before ice cream...)
I think vehicles wander off sometimes when we're not looking. Maybe going out for ice cream?


Oh no! Well...at least you were able to rest during your search... ;o)


Love the chair and glad you found a way to put it to use!!!


Not to make anyone feel bad, but I've never lost my way, ever! I think I was born with a homing device. Drop me off blind folded, turn me around a few times and I'll still find my direction. Hubby is envious. Beautiful chair, I watched him weave one on Saturday.


What a relief that you found it. Good thing you had a chair to sit down in.

Many , many years ago my parents were at a major league baseball game and afterwards couldn't find their car. They had to wait until everyone left and the parking lot was cleared out in order to find their car. My mom still tells that story...

It happens....


In that sea of cars.... the only reason I found mine as easily as I did on Saturday is because it was near the handicapped section marked out with tape and orange cones. At least you had a seat to sit in. And what a pretty seat it is!


I did something like that in college, except it was my mother's car and I had taken my roommate to the mall. I parked in a different area of the lot than normal and came out the wrong door. I panicked when i couldn't find the car. We actually walked around half the whole darn sprawling suburban mall before I found it.

It was fabulous to see you this weekend. That is a beautiful chair. Use it in good health :)


I am surprised I didn't run into you on Sunday. I wondered around the lot looking for my bus for a long time. I must have run up to a half dozen camper/handicapped vehicles that looked just like the short bus that brought us from Watkins Glen/Ithaca/Vestal. And I agree with your feeling of providing entertainment for the parking attendants! LOL : )


Kim- The panic button didn't work? Oh dear.

kathy b

OH I have NIGHTMARES like that. Now maybe I'll have alittle chair to sit on and cry in my dreams! Sorry !

Wool Winder

I'm glad there was a happy ending and the car was not stolen after all.


The chair is beautiful. I would love to learn how to do the weaving because I have a chair that needs a new seat.


Margene and I couldn't find my car on Sunday either. We didn't look for as long as you did, though. Poor dear!


You poor thing! At least you had your chair, and you could sit down and rest! I've done the same thing, more often than not. Once, in a huge parking garage, going round and round. Horrible, horrible, feeling. One word for you: Seinfeld!!!!!!!!


It's true, Kathy and I did lose the car both days! And the second morning I was so careful to make good mental notes about where we parked. It was the most confusing parking area I can remember ever being in.

And that's Terry for you, always seeing the positive. She's just a "glass half full" kind of gal. Haha!

Lee Cockrum

I can totally relate!! Many moons ago, I attended my one and only Grateful Dead concert. I was meeting friends there, who often followed the dead. They told me that most likely I would "meet them in the parking lot". Well, we can imagine how that went! So, after wandering around inside the arena for a while, I did find my friends. But I lost ALL clues to which entrance I came in. So it led to quite a frustrating walk around a HUGE parking lot, in the dark, with a bunch of Dead fans after the concert!! But I am so glad I did get to see them once.


I lost my car the first day. Margene had to find it for me. After that, I was okay. It's a sea of cars, and the view changes after you have parked and left. See how many of us have done this??

You will LOVE that chair.


Cheryl and I lost my car both days -- there was something about that back lot that was very disorienting. So awesome to see you!!!


No kidding Kim but I've actually HAD a dream like this MANY times believing my car was stolen. It's a terrible feeling. I'm so glad you finally found yours though.

Teresa C

Oh, No! I so would have walked with you, you should have called me to help you look. The upside to that? You burned off that chicken wrap we had for lunch!


You poor thing! That is a nightmare I would totally have. Glad you had your lovely chair to sit in to figure it all out.


No laughing here....I had a similar experience Saturday on the way to the car with the Wee Robin. We parked near three trees so it would be easy to find, but when I went out the wrong gate, I couldn't find the trees! That's a great chair....wish I'd had something to sit on when I realized I had to go all the way back to the car because I had left my cell phone in the car AGAIN!


Oh, the laughs are so totally in sympathy, having done that little routine a number of times myself, though not at Rhinebeck. Love that chair. In fact, I may have sat on it. I have my eye on one for me.

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