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Monday, October 27, 2008



Sadly I have a bad bee story - I got stung at the end of a camping trip, seemingly out of nowhere. Nothing major happened, but man did it hurt :) I'm happy to say that's the only bad experience I've had with bees - for the most part I like them and of course the honey they make!

Laura B

Buzzzzzzzz! Never been stung but my sons have horror story's! They are fun to watch from a distance. We have much beauty in our world!






Buzzzzzzzzzz - don't have any bee stories really unless you count learning I was allergic to bees by running over one in bare feet when I was around 9. Luckily I don't have any breathing problems with them, but I did have to use crutches to get around for almost 3 weeks because of how swollen my foot was.


Memories - going to a farmer's market with my grandfather to buy comb honey - wonderful stuff and I miss it... now I have to find comb honey - on real, not the man made comb.

Thanks for the memory.




How about the time my not-yet-ex-husband and I were driving when a bee flew in the window and stung him in the balls! The women in my family have this disease where we develop nervous laughs in response to watching others in pain.........but I really did try and hide my delight!


Bzzzz, indeed! Sadly, no good bee stories... though I've worked in an ER, so I've got plenty of really unfortunate ones! Yikes!



I don't mind at all the bees in my garden as I know they're doing good. But when I almost hit my head on a low hanging hornet's nest in our crab apple tree, I just had to destroy it. In my mind, there's good bees and bad bees. Love the yarn!


I've been checking your website for the last 2 months hoping to get my hands on some of your Tupelo Honey alpaca/merino/silk. Every day I'd check your store to see if you had any available. It is the most exquisite colorway I've ever seen! Are you going to have any available sometime soon? I wanna some :)


Bzzzzzz, no real bee story here. Though I finally got a nice picture of a bee on a flower this summer.


I love wildflower honey -- thank you, bees.

Julia in KW

Our first house had a very deep yard...350 feet. It was my job to cut the grass in large part and we had just been through a bit of a drought, so we did not have to cut the grass for a while. Well, the time had come and I had to cut the grass. I walked about 300 feet to the back shed where the lawn mower was kept. I opened the doors and out came "something" - bees...all into my very long, curly hair and into my shirt - OMG...I had to get away...I ran from the back of the yard yelling and trying to shake them away...as I ran, I shook out my hair and pulled off my shirt, trying to get away from them...what a sight for any neighbours hearing me scream - with my hair and shirt flying...that is my story (3 bee stings, by the way - which is pretty good, all things considered!)


I don't have a bee story worth sharing... my experience is that local honey helps significantly with my allergies tho!



No bee stories here, so buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Donna B

We have friends who keep bees, and this year they found a wild colony on their property. They give us honey. Yum.


My bee story is that my boyfriend's family business is an apiary - and we actually moved to Buffalo for a few years so he could be a beekeeper! (That's over with for now, but he does go back occasionally to help out.)


When i see the first bees of the year it is always a delight, and that continues all summer as the chubby, hairy bumble bees meander around the flowers in the garden. To be sat outside with my wheel, in the sun, watching the activity is heavenly.


I used to date a beekeeper. His skin and clothes smelled like honey. He wasn't as sweet as I thought he was. Now the smell of honey makes me sick.


My grandson, who is only 8 months old, went to his first Halloween party this past weekend with myself and his mother. Part of the festivities was a costume contest. He was so cute in his pumpkin outfit that I had made for him. We thought he was sure to win until we saw another little girl dressed up as a little honey bee. She was only 6 months older than my grandson but was she a little (bee) charmer. She had my grandson flirting with her while we were waiting for the judging to bee completed. Needless to say the bee won over the pumpkin. We have pictures of them both and it is too adorable. Just thought you would bee interested. Buzzzzzz.....


I've been keeping up on the all bee news via Martha Stewart. She's been urging folks to keep bees. Despite our suburban house and small yard, we are seriously considering it. I'm so glad you posted the great videos and are working to get the bee news out too.

I'd love to have the yarn, and the pattern and I love the color and the pin and bees...
I'm currently kniting a bee skep tea pot cozy.

I don't have a bee story, but a wasp one. I really don't like wasps. Brand new pug puppy named Elliot, happily bouncing in the yard. Stuck his wrinkly face in the grass for a deep sniff of dandelion and got a wasp sting. The wasp was hanging on his lip, stinging him over and over and the puppy was running and running and I was trying so hard to catch him so I could help. Finally got Elliot and squashed the mean old wasp. Puppy began to swell, and I called my husband, who was working a Denver Bronco game. It was a Saturday evening and the vet was gone for the weekend. He talked to the paramedics who said Benedryl was fine and the worst it would do is make him sleepy or hyper, but should give him relief. Several hours of sleepy puppy later, Elliot recovered from a very fat lip. This is nothing compared to his brother pug and the spider's nest story...


As a sensitive buxom lass of 14 years, my doting parents brought me a tshirt from Amsterdam with 2 bees emblazoned right across the chest... I only wore it once!


Taking care of my son after his first bee sting, poor baby! That was one to remember!!


I ran into a bee when I was around 8 years old. I slid down a metal handrail by some outside stairs and ran smack into the stinger end of a poor bee that was resting on the rail! I was sad we didn't have the chance to avoid meeting one another.

Peg Alexander

bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... I love the book, Secret Life of Bees! I love Tupelo Honey! I actually kept bees while I was in high school.... went to an Amish farm to get the bees and the supplies.... I HATED the buzz but loved the honey......and I really want some yarn! Peg


I don't really have a specific story - but fond memories of my late father-in-law, a devoted bee keeper. I always thought his bees were really interesting, altho I never did get into the whole eat-the-honey-AND-the-comb thing. Whenever someone had a cold, his first response was to make them eat a giant spoonful of his honey (yum) with the comb (ick).


Whenever I think of bees, I remember a wonderful and dear teacher who taught Latin at the high school where I worked. He had a wonderful way of connecting with his students and also had a very positive philosophy of life. One of his great passions was beekeeping and every year I would buy the most delicious honey from him. He has been gone several years now & is missed by many, many people.

Linda M

Here in Florida we worry about aggressive Africanized bee swarms. Nobody trusts honey bees anymore yet we need them desperately in North Florida to pollinate the Tupelo trees, and in central Florida to pollinate the orange trees. Tupelo honey and Orange-blossom honey: Yummmmmmm - Bzzzzzzzz.


I am very lucky in that my best friend is a beekeeper. She has hives she rents out every spring to orchards and at Christmas or, if I whine very muchily, during the fall, I inevitably am the lucky receipient of a jar of beautiful honey. Now there isn't really a way to foresee what type it will be, even taking the same hive to the same orchard, you will get a different taste and color to the honey but year before last, I got a jar of darkest honey amber liquid, labelled sourwood clover. It was like the nectar of the gods. I was very saving with it and would only use it to treat myself but the inevitable happened and the jar was empty. It still amazes me that such industrious little creatures buzzing about created such a lucious nectar. And that each succeeding batch will be unique.


My bee story is riding my bike out in the country from Davis, Ca to Winters, Ca along Putah Creek Road and having a bee hit me in the neck. Ouch.


No bee story, so Bzzzzzz!


Friday at my sons school I saw the biggest bee I have ever seen. It was easily the size of a quarter. It was buzzing along the bricks on the side of the building where it was warm. I watched for about 5 minutes. It was amazing.


I have always loved bee shapes (one of my first (of many) rubber stamp purchases was a bee) and I always have had a deep desire (as of yet unfulfilled) to get a bee tatoo. But, alas, no bee stories. I just like em! And I like honey. A LOT! Thanks for the contest!


My favorite bee story... okay.. it hasn't happened yet... is that Gramps says yes when I ask him at Thanksgiving if he's interested in having hives up on the mountain with you. :-) Don't put me in the contest though... that's gotta be conflict of interest or something. You can just send me honey from your hives!


When my son was about five years old, he came inside from the backyard complaining about bees. I told him that they'd leave him alone if he left them alone, and sent him back outside. A few minutes later I peeked outside to see him standing in a blizzard of bees--they were swarming!! I rescued him before he was stung, and the bees hung in a giant bee-ball on a tree branch for a couple of days before moving on.


I've never been stung by a bee...in fact, I'm so afraid of that happening. But, I've always thought they were sooo cute and I know they are so important. I've been wondering why I keep seeing them dead on sidewalks and on the beach the past couple of years. I guess it must have something to do with this bee mystery. Thanks for sharing those videos. I'm definitely going to keep up on this story. Bzzzzzzzzz!


My oldest son took a girlfriend to a college football game where he purchased the biggest rice krispie treat ever. He was showing her how he could fit the whole treat into his mouth. He didn't notice until it was too late that a bee had landed on the corner and it stung him several times before he could crunch and swallow!! He's older and wiser now and we laugh about some of those crazy things!


When we were little kids we weren't afraid of bees. We had a lot of clover growing in our grass and we used to sit and watch the bees. When one would stop on a clover flower we would carefully pick the flower and carry the bee around while he was busy. When he was done he would fly away as though it was only natural to be carried around on a flower. Beautiful yarn and aptly named.


I don't have any personal stories, I've been stung but it hasn't been awful - I don't mind them one bit and usually my aloofness keeps me safe:) My husband on the other hand...my daughter did get stung just below her eye though and I made an entire scrapbook page on it - she looked like a little prize-fighter, I couldn't resist!

pat jarvis

HEY - forgot to say yummy , yummy roving and yarn ---my favourite colour


pat jarvis

HI KIM - 2 things - wonder if the infiltration of the giant bees has some how affected the bee colonies - have you ever heard the expression -its the 'bees knees' - think this means its great or perfect - anyone know more about this expression and where it comes from??


I have fond memories of the honeycomb - a rare treat we received from the old bee keeper in our moshav (a small coop community in Israel). He was the grandfather of my best friend.

Clumsy Knitter

No bee stories for me...I'm allergic so I avoid them like the plague. But I've always liked big, fat, bumblebees!

Melanie Zahara

When I was 12, my dad took my brother and me to a company picnic. This was before the days of sugar-free soft drinks and the bees were all over the opened cans of soda. One was perched on the rim of my can and my father flicked it off - it landed on my right arm and proceeded to sting me. The bees continued to come, and dad flicked off another one, telling me it would just fly away! - This one landed on my left arm and stung me too. I threw away my soda in an act of defiance to my dad. He continued to tell me they wouldn't bother me.


When my girls were little, life was a quite crazy. We stuck pretty much to one room where I could corral two toddlers with ease. There was nothing too high for them to climb on and fall, no small objects to swallow, no pointy furniture edges to injure sweet little heads. Despite my attempts at safety they still managed to find trouble. One day as Isabella sat playing innocently, I noticed Sofie chewing happily on something. I couldn't find anything in her mouth, but when I looked in her sweaty little fist I found half a bee.


When I was a kid, my dad traveled a lot for business. One time when he was gone, a bee got in the house. It wasn't a happy bee, or a healthy one. It decided to live on the staircase into the basement. Not me, nor my brother or sister, nor my mother, would, ummm, help the bee out, in any way. He lived on the stairs for the whole week until my dad got home. We all jumped over whatever step that poor guy happened to be on for the entire week.

Maybe if we'd got him back outside he could have contributed to the race. I'm feeling guilty now.


I wish I could keep bees, but I'm allergic. However my fiancee has said he'd be willing to do it, so once we get property, it may well happen that I get to call some honey mine.


When I was a kid I spent all my summers with my grandparents. They had a garden plot in one of those communal gardens and the pathways everywhere were grass. I spent all my time barefoot then and got stung twice by stepping on a bee. Now I'm always careful when walking around barefoot in the grass!


One of my mother's friends used to keep bees. As a child, I was fascinated by the whole process! I loved the beekeeping headdress and gear, as well as the whole smoke thing. She also taught me how to make beeswax candles and lip balm.

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