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Monday, October 27, 2008


Miss T

Not much of a story, but every year I'm fascinated by the bee display at the State Fair. I love the way they design their dwellings.


My father had a tie with the details about "the love life of the bee" printed on it. It was one of two which I stole from him when I became a teenager.



The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, anytime to him
is aristocracy.

Emily Dickinson

La Verna

Eddie Izzard has a hilarious bit about bees and beekeepers."I'm covered in bees!"
Great contest!


I don't have a story, but how about a little trivia?
Number of bees equal to the weight of one M&M's plain chocolate candy


My bad bee story is that I have had no luck the last year or so growing squash. I am pretty sure that the problem is lack of bees to pollinate the squash flowers! So know I wish for more bees every spring in hopes of a better garden. :-P


Bzzzzzzz no bee story but I did really love the book 'the secret life of bees'


My grandmother had arthritis shw swore that honey and apple cider vinegar consumed every day help tremendously with her ailments she lived to almost 100 yrs of age.Hugs Darcy
Here is another Bee Metric

The French physicist Rene-Antoine de Reaumur was so impressed by the geometrical perfection of the hexagonal cells in a beehive that he once suggested adopting the honeycomb as the basis for a system of measurement.

[Trivia: In 1947, an amateur apiarist in Acton, on the outskirts of London, found 240 pounds of marmalade in his six hives. The bees had stolen the marmalade from a local preserve factory and delivered it to their owner's basement flat garden.]


I'm a HUGE advocate of buying local honey.

1. Because buying local is always best.
2. Because it can help alleviate allergies to the indigenous flora.

So since we've recently moved from the northeast (which I miss dearly) to AZ, we're now buying a lovely desert honey that's the perfect compliment to my iced tea!

And just because it's fun to say.....

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)


Bzzz... I personally love a spoonful of honey from time to time.
Wonderful contest


Bzzzzzz, no good bee stories but no bad ones either. I'm hoping this is a temporary situation that we can correct.


Some of my earliest memories are of eating honey...chewing the comb...making the back of my throat tickle...YUM. I love yummy yarn too.

Elizabeth H.

I don't have a bee story, so BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


I don't have a good bee story, but I surely do love honey....Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks


I love sitting and ignoring bees when other people flip out about them. I've never had one sting me (I've had hornets sting me, but that's different) so I'm not really scared. I always feel superior. With the exception of people who are allergic... they have a right to flip out.

Linda W

I was never very fond of honey until I tried some produced by a local beekeeper who sells at our farmer's market. He avoids putting his bees into commercially farmed fields, and so far has not suffered from CCD. And his honey is just fantastic -- complex, layered with flavor, but really mellow. We now have about a dozen different varieties in the cupboard. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can continue to keep his bees healthy!


Bzzzzz! I'm trying to convince my husband we need hives.


My favorite bee story is not really a story. I am happy to have two hives in my yard and proud that my sons aren't scared of them. And we try our best to rescue them from the pool. Buzzzzzzz


We're heavily involved in scouting and there was an encounter with bees (yellow jackets to be precise) and a young Tiger Scout. One stung him on the shoulder. We created a "Bee a Brave Scout" award for him because he was so brave.

Of course, I didn't get awarded one although I was stung SEVEN times trying to get him away from the nest.


The only bee story that I can think of is a silly one. I was very afraid of bees and always avoided them. One day I was in the shower and somehow, a half-dead bee got into the room and was resting (un-bee-knownst to me) on my towel. I was drying off and got stuck in a delicate spot but spent a very, very long time trying to figure out who to tell and what to do about it (I was about 10 at the time and very freaked out).


i love to watch the big fat bumbly bees go about their work. i will happily watch them as long as they are near. my partner and i even had a bumblebee on our wedding cake!


Several years ago I was pulling weeds in front of my house. I pulled on some sort of vine that was anchored extremely well in the ground. Evidently a nest of bees (maybe yellow jackets?) had made a nest at the base of it. When it broke loose from the ground they were not pleased and flew up my pants. My neighborhood got quite a show as I stripped off my clothes and my husband sprayed me with the garden hose! Luckily no bad reactions to all the stings and I bear no grudges to honeybees. Love the prizes, hope I win!!


Hmm . . . I'm afraid I don't have any bee stories, although they do seem to enjoy checking me out at alarmingly close range. No stings for the last few years, happily (for me and for the bees!), but every summer at least a couple decide to hover around my head and orbit me like little yellow moons for a while. What exactly that means, I'm afraid to know. o.O

Christie Mildon

I don't really have a bee story, but I love seeing the bees in my herb garden when the lavender blooms. Thank you for giving away your beautiful yarn and pattern!


My daughters and I all love to see bees. While their young friends all scream and run when they see a bee, mine know that bees seldom sting (unlike some wasps around here) and sit and admire their fat, furry bodies for as long as possible.


I learned at a local beekeepers presentation that some beekeepers mark the queen with a dot of color on her back to make her easier to identify in the hive.


My only bee story is about the only time I was ever stung. I was about 8 or 10 and very afraid of bees, so when one came buzzing around I panicked. I ran and it followed and I must have flailed at it and then clenched my fists in fear. Well I managed to catch the poor thing in my hand, unknowingly and got stung on a finger.
Thankfully I am no longer afraid of bees and instead have much respect for them. I know that if you leave them alone they'll leave you alone. I, too, worry about CCD and what could happen. SAVE THE BEES! :)

PS- AWESOME prizes! I hope I win!


Hmmm.. the only story that comes to mind is the bee references that are in Wicked which I am reading now. In addition to wolves and crows, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) also had bees as familiars. In the part of the story I was reading last night, the wolves, crows and bees had all been killed by Dorothy and her companions. I really love reading this book because it is fascinating to me to be able to see a story that I have been so familiar with in such a different light. It shows how important it is to look at things from other viewpoints.


Buzzzzzzzzz! I am not in a position to raise bees, but I hope to when we have our own land one day.


I can't think of a bee story either....only that the bees around here are always very colorful...not your typical yellow and black. Some are almost iridiscent- crazy. So now I'll just BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ away to finish my coffee :)

Nicole (ikkinlala)

I can't think of a good bee story to share, so buzzzzzzz...


When we were young, my sister did a cartwheel on to a bee and was stung in the hand. Of course being the older sister, I laughed (mean person that I am) but she lived to tell about it. I think I have been fortunate to not have been stung because the meaning of my name is Honey Bee. They must know that I am one of them.


I don't have a story, but I do have some trivia.....
Number of bees equal to the weight of one M&M's plain chocolate candy
imagine that.

Tina M.

My hubby and I love to watch the bumblebees work our rosemary bush. We made up a little song to sing as well, but I won't torment you with that.

Gorgeous yarn! :)


I love bees because they make honey -- and eating local honey has been the best cure for my seasonal allergies. I hope they figure out what's going on with the bees soon because it's pretty scary.


Hmmm, I can't think of any bee stories. I do appreciate bees and have been trying to teach my son about the difference between wasps and bees and how one is pleasant and makes delicious goodies and the other is dreadful. Okay, maybe wasps aren't dreadful, but I do remember some wicked Yellow Jacket stings when I was a child and I don't ever want to revisit that memory!


my grandma, a much beloved member of my immediate and extended family, goes by "auntie b" or "auntie bee" (though obviously not to me, as she is not my aunt). she writes on bee stationary and people send her all kinds of bee stuff. it is really quite sweet, though by now i suppose she is smacking herself, since she is probably up to her neck in bee stuff. : )


Does enjoying the Saturday Night Live BEES count as a bee story? No? Well, our weather on Long Island was so strange a couple of weeks ago that our rhododendron bloomed, and I saw a bee buzzing around the flowers.

Odd, indeed!


I don't have a bee story, but I love, love, love your yarns! Thanks for keeping us up on the importance of bees.


We're trying very hard to teach our toddler to respect bees since their number is in decline. She loves watching fat bumblebees buzz in and out of sunflowers in the yard. Our chickens, however, jump up to try and eat them!


Hmmm, we raised bee's when i was little. Would love to raise them again, maybe when we get the new house in a few years! (and the goat and chickens come too!) No big stories aside from being allergic to them! Been stung and visited a few emergency rooms but still love them, especially honey bees! Bzzzz!


My bee story ... stepping out the door at the court house after getting our marriage certificate , a bee flew up my skirt and stung me on the leg, at first I wondered what kind of omen it was, but 15 delightfully happy years later I figure it was a good one.


Thanks for spreading the word about how important bees are!
I've never been afraid of bees, and never had any problem remaining calm when there was one around. Maybe things would be different if I had been stung, but it fortunately never happened to me. I remember that it happened to my older brother one day when he was far in the field. He had a long way to walk back home and, of course, he had been stung on a leg... he sure seemed to be in a lot of pain when he finally got home.


BZZZ. Wow, where have I been hiding? I knew the bee population was dwindling here in California, I didn't realize it was worldwide.

I don't have a bee story, but here's a pic and story about the time I dressed up as a bee: http://thevikingprincess.blogspot.com/2008/10/costumes.html


My favorie bee story right now is The Secret Life of Bees! I hope to see the movie very soon.



Let's see... a few years ago, I was at a retreat, having a not so grand old time. I was a bit bored, and wandered down the hill to sit in on a bellydancing workshop a dear friend was teaching. About a half an hour in to said workshop, a bee flew out of nowhere and stung me... right, smack in the eyelid. I swelled up like Quasimodo, but at least I had an excuse to go home!!!


Bzzzz, I have watched the Bee movie with my kids eleventy billion times :).


Buzzzzzzzz...I just learned that bees have 5 eyes! The Tupelo Honey color is gorgeous!


my dad is highly allergic to bees so we always avoided them. I love honey though...

Kitten with a Whiplash

Not a story really, just some good news, so I'll throw in a BZZZZZ. For a long time I would only prune our bottlebrush tree after dusk because all day it would be covered with bees. Then they just seemed to disappear about 5 or 6 years ago. After several years of hardly any bees, we are beginning to see the return of a small number our buzzin cuzzins. Hope it keeps up.

That beautiful honey and clover yarn is a great prize, thanks for having a acontest.

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