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Sunday, October 12, 2008



Nice pictures. And I can't wait for the new site to be up. I love the yarn I just received for the Autumn Arbor stole. I have been on a lace kick lately and I really love your color ideas.

Programing is hard. I hope you get it done.


I know you have been flat out busy. But it is good to hear from you.

Your Squam pictures (bald eagles!!) are wonderful. Makes me want to go canoe.


You and my sister must have a discussion. She has always said On Golden Pond was filmed at Little Squam. You are right - both are beautiful and the colors are great. The fall colors are, I think, the only thing I miss from New England. Well, maple syrup and some other things.


Missed you!! Welcome back, looking forward to checking out the new website!!


Kim- Loons on a lake are always a good sign. The scenery is spectacular- what a gorgeous place you live in.

I'll have some pics of Northern Ontario next week.

kathy b

I've missed your posts. LOVELY Golden POnd post. What is the yummy yarn you are knitting a ? cowl with?


Oh, what a beautiful outing. All the trees, the lake, the loons, and the eagles remind me of my home state of Minnesota (although our trees don't put on quite as bright a show), which I miss dreadfully at this time of year.

Good luck with the website redesign, and I'm excited to see what angora goodness is in that basket.

pat jarvis

HEY KIM - sure good to have you back - feeling a little something missing with no blog post from you - knew you were busy , but missed you anyway - yes fall this year sure is giving us a glorious display here too in ontario- must be all that summer rain- looking forward to hearing about all your fiber works

best pat


Great pictures!! What an awesome autumn you're having! Never apologize about a picture heavy post :)


I love this time of year. Your pictures look wonderful.


Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Love that you saw the eagle too, they're so majestic.


Beautiful pictures - thanks! And I missed you!


I love Squam Lake - what a beautiful post! Almost as beautiful as my new yarn for the Autumn Arbor! :-) Thanks Kim!


Been wondering where you were! Glad you're out here and enjoying the beautiful fall!


So pretty! It reminds me of Michigan upper peninsula (aslo with loons and bald eagles!) I do miss fall in New England--although the Midwest is beautiful, the colors of New England seem to glow more. Thanks for sharing!


Oh.. homesick-city.. I have been to Squam Lake (so many moons ago I won't even tell you). The photos you took are wonderful.
And I can almost hear the loons calling -
Sorry that this week was a doozie. Hope it gets better very soon.


Lovely photographs. Looking at the photos of the lake made me suddenly remember canoeing around Squam Lake when I was at summer camp as a child. It was beautiful then, and appears to be just as beautiful now.

christine Johnson

The pictures are beautiful. I live in Wisconsin and we took a trip to Copper Falls last Saturday and the scenery was breath taking. NH looks like northern Wisconsin. I never get tired of seeing a bald eagle on the lake or watching the loons and their little ones. Our loons have already left so will have to wait til next year.

Wool Winder

How exciting to see a Bald Eagle and even better to get a picture of it! I haven't ever seen one in person, but hope to one day.


Glad you are back! Beautiful fall colors in your neck o' the woods!

(The loons, Norman, the loons!)


I've checked every day to see if you had posted yet. I knew you would be back after the fair. Yea! The pictures are awesome. Haven't we had the most beautiful weather around here? You pictures are great! Isn't it a wonderful thrill to see your first eagle? I remember the first time I saw one. It was a great memory! Thanks for the effort to post the pictures. They're great.


What glorious scenery, those colours are breathtakingly beautiful.

Teresa C

We are having a wonderful fall, aren't we? The Poconos were very pretty this last week and I made sure to go out for a jog or a hike each day I was there. While it was lovely, I much prefer our NH mountains any day of the year. Thanks for sharing your day.

Cheryl S.

I can't help but think of "On Golden Pond" whenever I see Loons. Welcome back, and the photos are beautiful!


oh what a beautiful boat ride! wow, your foliage is really looking great (ours isn't that great yet!)
i hope your upcoming week is better!

Mary Beth

Always good to hear from you - can you believe the colors this year? Such a blessing, given the hard times...we can still take pleasure in something for given to us for free.


It's so great to hear from you and I've been wonderful what was taking your time. The pictures are wonderful. You have a beautiful fall. We're already into winter! I'm am thrilled that next weekend I'll be able to give you a real hug!


Great pictures of Squam Lake. We went there once a few years back and its beautiful. Can't wait to see you!!

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