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Monday, September 01, 2008


Raquel Moreno

New roving looks great. Any chance the Tupelo Honey will be available again?


How cute! My daughter would love to have one of these - time for me to learn how to knit intarsia!


It looks pretty fine to me. Bet it looks even better felted. Hey Teach is now my favourite thing and I can't wait for warmer weather to get more opportunities to wear it.


Your splish splash looks yummy! I'm sure your daughter will love all the work you've done on the bag.


Can't wait to see that finished backpack. That flower looks really nice.


I think your intarsia looks fine. If you would like to have an instarsia resource I can highly recommend the booklet:
Intarsia, A Workshop for Hand & Machine Knitting by Sherry Stuever & Keely Stuever. I believe Elann.com sells it but you may also find it in a LYS.
I'm not affiliated with the booklet or the authors but I purchased it and worked the practice mini-sampler from the book before I started my own first intarsia project. I'm really glad I did. Most intarsia tutorials seem to cover how to start a new color and how to do an interlock on the knit side and the purl side and that is about it. The Stuever & Stuever booklet covers so many more little details to help prevent stitch distortion....including those situations that are so tempting to strand (but why you shouldn't :) )

Eileen M.

Goodness, you are certainly being productive!! I'm looking forward to seeing how those SplishSplash skeins spin out - I suspect they will be nearly as fun to spin as to dye!

Wool Winder

Well, it looks good, even if you didn't enjoy it. Maybe next time will be better.


The flower on the bag looks great, but I hate Intarsia myself, but I'm still going to make the bag. At least you're almost done, and your granddaughter will love the bag, and that's all that matters. Good Grandma.

Teresa C

Too bad about the intarsia, but now you know, right?

I can't wait to see how the rovings spin up!


The roving dyeing is crazy addictive - yours look lovely - can't wait to see them up close.


Kim- She'll love the backpack, and be totally unaware of the angst that goes into a piece of knitting.

I avoid intarsia like the plague.


The back pack will be worth your hard work! Intarsia is a PITA but the results are worthwhile. LOVE Splish Splash rovings!


Unventing is hard work. But it does look great.


The flower may have been a PITA but it looks perfect. Love those rovings and can't wait to get my hot little hands on some!


We live and we learn...but that flower is gorgeous and looks perfect. :)


that backpack is going to be adorable. can't wait to see it felted.
Splish splash, I'd like to take a bath in those rovings!

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