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Thursday, September 18, 2008



Beautiful sweater on you! As for the tomatoes, I'm down in the southern US and we get that, too. But I simply throw them in a pot of boiling water to scald the skin off, swoop them out, peel the loosened skin, stick in another pot with my favorite herbs and spices to make sauces and let it all simmer down into several variations on marinara I use as a base for the winter cooking. I then pour the sauce into ice cube trays, freeze, pop out into baggies or other freezer storage containers and use as needed. They'll last the winter. I use the tomatoes that ripen all over to roast and make canned salsas and canned tomatoes out of.


It's great, Kim! Congratulations on an awesome sweater project! I LOVE that photo of the Sunflower Shower!

kathy b

THe sweater, the sunflowers, the tomato harvest. all in all a wonderful beautiful post. THe sweater is wonderful on you. What a great job you did. Congrats and thanks for the tips you shared.


The sweater came out well, and Ashley's pose is indeed, priceless.

Frost?? Yikes! We got down to 41 degrees last night at 3:30am. There was even a hummer here yesterday, sipping.


Your sweater turned out wonderfully! I love that colour and I think that sweater is perfect for this time of year, when it's too warm for wool sweaters but the chill in the air still makes knitters ache to begin wearing handknits again. Those sunflowers provide a glorious setting for showing it off. We are experiencing the same weather you are, and it's perfect for enjoying the garden and its fruits.


I am tempted by this sweater! I had a suprise when I followed the link - our Ravelry knitting group (At home in Harrogate) is doing a Susan Lawrence KAL! Your sunflowers are great & your tomatoes so much better than my poor green, blighted efforts! At least our sunflowers were good too!


Great sweater. Love all the sunflowers.


Hey teach looks great on you. We even choose similar colours.


Love your new sweater! The photos are awesome too. Good for Ash!


Love your new sweater! And those carrots - yum!


Your sweater is great! Ohh... I am so jealous of your sunflowers.

I am so ready for the fall to come, how about you?

Wool Winder

I love the sweater! It looks like a perfect fit.


Lovely sweater! You look just gorgeous out amidst the sunflowers. I have that pattern in my queue, so will make note of your/Susan's comments on the pattern.


Great post! Love the sweater -- it looks awesome on you!


That sweater looks fabulous on you! What a lovely project. Looks like it's also perfect for the early fall/late summer weather you are having.


The few tomatoes I had this year ripened the same way. I cut around it when I put them up. It seemed not as ripe. Your garden looks so cheerful with all the sunflowers. Hope you were able to avoid the freeze.


Sometimes that just happens to tomatoes. Have observed it down here as well. There is nothing wrong with them...just as good to eat!! The sweater looks good! Hope you survived the frost, saw on the news that one was predicted.


Beautiful cardigan!(and fun photoshoot!) Kim - some of my tomatoes do the same thing and this is all I could find.....
Green/yellow shoulders develop on ripening fruit, possibly due to high temperatures. Chlorophyll in this area is slow to break down and results in a patch that remains green or turns yellow but not red. This problem may affect the entire shoulder or only a small, irregular patch. Shade the plant and take other precautions to reduce the fruit's exposure to the sun.


Hey Kim you look fabulous in Hey Teach!! Enjoy it!


Fabulous sweater - you look wonderful! I'd just ignore that unripe part on the tomatoes but Norma will probably know best.


Your sweater is awesome! I want to make one, now. There's just so much to knit! Your sunflowers steal the show, however!


you look fabulous in your new Hey Teach sweater! what a beautiful pattern (and a great FO !!)
Ashley is a hoot under that sunflower. I jnew exactly what she was up to! (giggles) Our sunflowers here were on-existent. not enough hot sun. Yours are great.
Don't know about your tomatoes, but the sliced photos look grand .
keep warm.


So there 'IS' a diva in you somewhere after all...I knew it...Dig through the yummy granola and there it is! I knew there had to something other than stubborness, that I got from you! Seriously though, another set of beautiful snapshots!

Teresa C

Love, love, LOVE the sweater. You look adorable in it!

ACK! I never connected the tomatoes and the frost! I read this post (late) and headed right out in the dark to harvest some of what was out there. The things we do.


The sweater looks great on you!

pat jarvis

WOW -sweater looks great KIM - what better place to show it off than in your beautiful sunflower garden - YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER TOO- great to see you are getting a spot of this lovely weather too - same for us here in mississauga ont

Cheryl S.

Your "Hey Teach" looks wonderful on you! Great job! I have no answer for the tomatoes. Maybe it's just the variety? I've had other tomatoes that are red and yellow "on purpose", like Mr. Stripey.


Hey teach looks great among the sunflowers - so whimsical!

A frost already?! Where did the summer go?

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