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Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Summer may be ending, but that brings sweater weather and a chance to use the shawls and socks I've been knitting. Love the baby alpaca!


Wonderful to see you! I think you've got the best alpaca photo from that day. What a sweetie.


Where DO the days go? Looks like you'll have an autumn beach trip from me! Seriously, I mailed your package on Tuesday. I hope you love it!


Oh! I'm so glad you're blogging again. I've just spent the past few minutes catching up on the month of August. You've had a lot of interesting posts. I enjoyed the side trips and the links you included. Glad you're back!

Raquel Moreno

Ahh.. he's so cute! That honey roving is just too pretty!


What an irresistible cria!

Knitting tool eh? Too bad Carole wasn't there- I can hear her after clapping eyes on it. "What the Hull?" followed by gales of laughter!

Will you be modeling the earrings for those of us who missed being there?

Mary E.Dadds

It sounds like fall here.


I wish I could have joined you in the fun. Sounds like a great day.


I have a fenced in yard. I'm sure I could fit an alpaca in there. Or maybe a sheep :)

Good to see you this weekend!

Beth S.

Very curious about the knitandspin. It has a spindle-y look to it, but what about the "knit" part? You'll have to update us on this one so we can find out how it works!

Cheryl S.

What a sweet baby face! Looks like you had a great time.


Spending time with friends makes the days fly by quickly! We saw a glimpse, just a glimpse of autumn in the mountains yesterday. Hopefully it will be long and beautiful.


I'm wondering if the knit and spin would deter my cat, or peak his interest...

Wool Winder

I can't figure out what the knitandspin is for. Looks like a giant wooden tack.


Kim- Yippee! Fall is my favorite time, and I adore winter.

Couldn't you just sneak in one little Alpaca? Don't you love their long eyelashes?


It's actually chilly here this morning - autumn is coming, damn it.


What an exciting weekend you had! I'm definitely envious; we just don't seem to have that kind of thing up here. I feel exactly the same way as you do, trying to finish up at least some of the projects I foresaw myself doing this summer. Good luck on your end-of-summer projects!


Autumn is definitely knocking on the door.

Your alpaca picture is the best!


Sounds like you had a good time. The earrings sound interesting. Can't wait to see what you plan on doing with the knitandspin!?!?


That alpaca is so cute!!! I'm in denial that summer is coming to an end.


Let there be no mistake about it - fall is here! Tonight's low is 47 here, and on the road to our house, many trees just started turning their leaves today! And we live in the lower 48, albeit farther north than some Canadians!


Leslie is a jewel, is she not?!! Her earrings suit you.

I'm so glad we had a chance to chat on Saturday!! :)

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