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Monday, August 11, 2008



Hi Kim! I just adore the Hey Teach sweater! Good for you for using cotton yarn! It's looking very nice.


Congrats Kim. I don't know if you are going to remember this but I was the gate steward at the show on Sunday (the frazzled looking Chinese girl) I had wanted to chat with you as I saw you sitting in the chairs but it was a bit too crazy for me. I have always admired your dogs and I am slowly trying to break into the show world myself (and I mean slowly) and was hoping to chat with you a little. Oh well maybe at another show. Are you going to York?

Mary E.Dadds

Hello Kim,
I love the sweater your knitting.
Do you like the yarn you are using appose to the yarn the pattern called for?
Another person on your comments said they were doing theirs in Bambo.That sounds nice too.
Id like to do Hey TEACH but im not sure what yarn id use.


Kim- Congratulations to the grrlz- but you knew they were winners!

I'm making a very plain sweater, and it feels strange to be doing something with sleeves.


Congratulations on your ribbons! And the sweater looks good so far.

Wool Winder

It's very pretty!


Congratulations to the lovely ladies, give them each a tummy rub sent all the way from NC!

Glad that everyone was on their best behavior!! ;-)


congratulations to the puppies :-)


Great minds think alike. Love Hey Teach, the back looks so cool. I am knitting mine in a bamboo and cotton blend.

Teresa C

Excellent turnout! I'm thrilled for you.

Too bad about the ride, but in NY the weather ended up being nicer than up here, the same in NJ it sounds like. How close were you to NY? We could have met up. We keep talking about it......

Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

I looked up the Hey Teach pattern to see what yours would look like when you're finished and that was a great choice. It's lovely. And, congrats on the awards at the dog show.


Yay for your puppies! And I love that sweater -- will be really cute!


Yay Cleo!!! Yay Skyy!!! \

Congratulations, Kim! As a former CFA member who showed purebreds for 10+ years I KNOW how much this means.

I am very happy for you! Our Sam (from you) continues to be the sweetest boy ever (not biased here), of course, lol! He is the epitome of what we ever could want in a pet Cavalier - extremely sweet, smart and loveable. He continues to do well at almost 10 years old!



Great job!

I love Hey Teach!


Congratulations on the placements at the Specialty. I show my dogs so I know how cool those ribbons are. ;)


So far so good! Congrats to your grrls, too!

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