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Friday, August 15, 2008



I saw those mountains that day! Our son and two friends did Mt Washington on Wed. Your part of the world is just the best. I absolutely love that shawl Kim!

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

What lovely scenery. I've often heard of Crawford Notch but not seen photos. And, a trip to the Von Trapp Family Lodge would have been fun. I'm surprised that some of the trees are turning already, but I'm sure ready for fall temperatures.

Beth S.

The first leaves of autumn! I can't believe it! So soon?... :-)


What a lovely trip! Now I want to go to the Von Trapp garden! I also love the color of golden rod. Plenty of it growing in my yard.

I had a 5 hour lovely train ride last week from Thessaloniki to Athens- super views of the bread basket of Greece and mountains with breathtaking ravines below, flocks of sheep on occasion and small tracts of farmland nestled into the mountain side. Kali is so funny- she still has that "Don't mess with me" or "Make my day!"look on her face.


Oh, I love Stowe. Everytime I would go up to visit my relatives in Cabot, VT, I would usually try to get to the Trapp Family Lodge and a ride through Stowe. Boy, that puppy is cute!


Kim- New England is the only place in America I would even consider living in- the autumn colors alone are spectacular.

Ontario is beautiful too- and we are lucky to live in such beautiful places. Looks like a nice day out.


Goldenrod -- aahchoo!


I've never seen the gardens at Trapp, only the snow fields. Thanks for sharing the view.


Oh my, I want that puppy!!! Very cute. I'm glad your Gypsy is doing well.


What a beautiful day you had! :-)

Wool Winder

I feel a connection to Vermont, because that's where my husband is from. Thanks for the pretty pictures!

Cheryl S.

I don't think I've ever seen a black and tan Cavalier before. Cute!


You live in a beautiful part of our country!


what a lovely trip!
gypsy is adorable :-)


I always look forward to seeing goldenrod blooming in the late summer; it seems like a beautiful reminder of the glorious colours soon to come, and fills me with anticipation for the cool, fall weather. Thanks for these lovely photos. I can't wait to visit Vermont and New Hampshire in the future.


What a beautiful area you live in!


Norma took me to that spot in VT a couple of years ago! It's beautiful! I can't beleive you have FALL! I hope we don't see any quite yet!


Beautiful Friday's Flower choice!!

Vermont looks so beautiful...I had no idea! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa C

What a lovely day! I'm jealous. Weren't we going to have a little trip to VT? :)


I'm really enjoying learning more about your beautiful area of the country, and hope to get up there someday. I also love your Friday Flowers- they are SO fun to photograph and you do a great job.

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