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Monday, August 04, 2008


Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

All that work and then to run out of the yarn. I'm so sorry. But, your dye job seemed to fix the problem and you have a lovely shawl.


oh it's lovely! my original bee stole was quite stripey . . the yarn varied a lot but it looked great; like the way wheat looks when it blows in the wind. i wouldn't change it


OK, all fingers and toes are crossed for a successful root job!! It really is beautiful but I do agree with you that you should go for it. You will always see the that spot as if a neon sign was there. I have found it is easier to try to fix it than leave it in those circumstances. So best of luck and we are all rooting for you!!


If you look really closely you can see the slight difference, but I think it just adds character. However I know that these things grow like Topsy in our minds and you would always be ultra aware of it. I bet the mini dye will fix it up.


I hear ya - when you work that hard on something, you want it perfect! I have no doubt yours will be nothing less.


It sure looks beautiful - in spite of the teensy color difference.Yet, I can completely understand that it might drive you bonkers over time............
I'd say go for it - you can do it!


It's beautiful.

Beth S.

A little dip-dyeing for just that one spot? What a clever idea. I bet you can pull it off. ;-)


Actually, I love the differences shown....it gives me great inspiration and I even thought of a great project! I like the stitch pattern....can you share?


It is so pretty... I agree with your husband its pretty hard to see the difference. But if it makes you happy to have it be all the same color then you should go for it.


Kim- It would drive me nuts- but then, it's a very short drive.

It is beautiful, and your yarn and Anne's pattern are perfection together.

Wool Winder

I hope you get the color "just right."

Cheryl S.

If anyone can do it, you can!


Good luck with dyeing it, and I think the overall pattern looks stunning with your yarn!


The same thing happened to me with a shawl I am knitting. I bought two balls of the same colour, same dyelot, but I think that the first ball faded in the sunlight as I was knitting it. When I got to the second ball I noticed immediately that it seemed darker, more purple (Dreaming in Color - Classy - Pansy Go Lightly). I thought I was just imagining things and knit up an entire pattern repeat before realizing that I had not been imagining the colour change. I decided to treat the second ball as a different colour entirely and ripped it back to one colour repeat before the end of the first ball. Then I started blending together the two balls, one row of ball 2, 3 rows of ball 1, 2 rows of ball 2, 2 rows of ball 1 etc., so that when ball two took over the change in colour would gradual.


I think it is lovely in spite of itself - but I understand wanting perfection after that long haul! Good luck with those "roots"!:)


Are you going to rip out and try with newly dyed yarn? Yikes! Can't you just overdye the whole shawl? It's gorgeous... really gorgeous...lovely color.


Can you just re-dye the whole thing? I know you'll make it work somehow.


It's still gorg!


You'll know just how to dye it to perfection. I too have faith you will do it.


*luck* You are so talented, I have faith.


It is gorgeous but oh, how heartbreaking it must be for you with that color dif. I do see it and it would drive me nuts, too. Good luck with the mini dye job!!


I can't see it. All I see is how beautiful it is!

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