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Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Whoops, I think I erased my comment. I was going to say that we wanted to get bees this spring but also decided to get some hands-on training first. Our neighbor raises bees and has offered to teach us some things.

I love the honey pot. I have been using my grandmother's as a sugar bowl (she used it for grated cheese!) but after many reglueings it finally bit the dust last week when I accidentally swiped it off the counter. I will miss that thing. I wonder if I can find a similar one on eBay? (Unless you get it first.)


all the little goodies are bee-u-tee-full :-)

Apprenticing with a local bee keeper sounds so very wise - good for you. Enjoy your time there.


What wonderful people Lorraine and Pat are! Those stitch markers are perfect as is the knitting bag. Buzz buzz


Kim- I'm more of a visual learner as well, I learn by doing.

And beekeeping, well, probably better to have more experience.

Mary E.Dadds

My son has been very interested in bee keeping lately.
He wants to build bee boxes.I see he has sent off for plans for bee boxes.
Its nice that people care,with the Bee shortage.
Our neighbors also have boxes.
John was wondering if he set them up also would it affect the neighbors bees.

Beth S.

You've inspired me... once I finish my current shawl, I think it will finally be time for the Bee. :-)

I would be afraid to have a hive in my own yard on purpose, though. It's probably a good idea that you are going to do more research first! ;-)

Wool Winder

Your bee collection is off to a great start!


I am loving all the bee things! It is indeed beetiful!

Donna in Ma

OMG! I'm soooo jealous!! What an awesome gift.

Cheryl S.

We just had some bee news in Utah - some people were trying to force a couple to remove 40 hives from their property (they allowed local beekeepers to use their property). Fortunately, the city said they could stay.


Kim! What a wonderful idea to collect the honey pots. I have learned a lot about bees from your site, actually. I became interested in bees when I read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I want to read the books you have recommended on bees, as well. I can't wait to see how your collection grows, and I hope you'll share photos!


I love the bee thing you're knitting--gorgeous!


BEEautiful! :)


You're gong to be known as the Bee Lady. Nice loot!


Love Terry's comment! Remember that bee song you posted? Hehe.


What a fabulous surprise! Its so great when themes come together like that. Keep us updated on your bee training this summer.
Looking forward to seeing more of your shawl too. You're making me desirous of honey, and some of that gorgeous coloured yarn!


I can't top Terry's comment.


Bzzzzz, bzz bzzzz bzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzz.....

Someday you'll be able to translate that, when you speak bee better.


You've got bees everywhere! Don't get stung now. :-)


Love all those bees! The color of your shawl - gorgeous!

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