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Friday, June 27, 2008



Family is much more important than blogging any day....enjoy your break! Your photo of the dill is so ethereal...so dreamy. I love it! It would make a great giant sized art poster.


Oh, I am valiantly fighting the cucumber beetle battle. Honestly, if it weren't for the blog, I might not be so vigilant, so that's another good thing about the blog. Your lettuces and dill look so WONDERFUL. And yes, I have four sweaters -- not even hard ones -- and it's so hard to remember where I was, what size needle I was using, where the rest of the yarn is, etc. I really wish I were a one-project, work-on-it-'til-it's-finished kind of girl. Ack.

Enjoy your July!!!


oh what pretty lettuces! i have an empty patch in my greens bed right now that i am trying to decide about . . .


Kim- I feel exactly the same as you. I will probably be spending some time with my daughter and son, as they are growing up and not only are they my children, they're alot of fun to be around, and I just adore them.
You need to relax and enjoy your summer.

Take some time Kim- you certainly deserve it.

Wool Winder

Enjoy your blog vacation.


I have stres free month and enjoy your garden!


Happy Birthday Ashley!!
I love dill, the flowers are lovely, it's aromatic leaves are lovely on fish and in salads, and best of all, it is a host plant for the Monarch butterfly.
Enjoy your month off.


Happy birthday to Ashley. Have a wonderful, restful July! I couldn't do it....


Isn't it funny how things are where they should be?!

Happy birthday Ashley!


I love the shots of your baby greens. We planted ours a wee bit late so we won't get much more from them before they bolt. The worst part is, they were extremely strong and had a really strong unpleasant taste and had a really peppery after taste. So next year we will try another kind of greens. I do like the red lettuce ones and maybe the baby beet greens. We love our little garden but I think we spend more in watering than what we are going to harvest, but it's fun.


Have a glorious July with your family and the garden.
I had a good chuckle about your Bee Stole and the errant pattern page (haven't we ALL done that? :-)
Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.


Good for you!! You need to make time for yourself without obligations (that aren't absolutely necessary, of course). I'll look forward to your return. Yes, enjoy your family! Oh, I hear you about finding your place on a project once abandoned. I hate when I do that, and I leave good notes as well. I guess we just need to finish one at a time. Can you do that? Me either!!!


You will be missed, but it's completely understandable to want to live life 'in the moment'. It occurred to me to try the same thing but I don't think I can do it. Norma has some fabulous garden advice and even knows what to do about bugs.
Happy Birthday to Ashley!


Happy Birthday to Ashley! I think you're wise to make sure you take some time to enjoy your family, home and garden. The months and indeed years do go by way too fast. One thing I always enjoy about reading your blog is the sense of tranquility and peacefulness which it conveys (although of course this may not be your experience of your life!); reading it always makes me reassess my priorities and want to make my life a little simpler and thereby richer.


Found an interesting idea in the "Knitting in Plain English" book, she says to use the little white store inventory tags with the string! You can write on them and tie it to the project .... leaving you a "clue" as to what you might have done!! Have tried it and it seems to help this old brain keep track.

Love the dill, never did get plants in this spring, just not around enough, so my "garden" is all shades and textures of green. It does look better than I expected, and it certainly is easier to maintain!! : )

Will miss your posts but understand the need to take a break and slow down...
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


Cucumbers seem to succumb to bugs so easily - hope yours rally. I had just that thing happen with my Twist sweater the other day. I couldn't for the life of me figure out where I was on the whole thing but I finally did and now I'm chugging along with it.


Oh, I'll miss you! But you deserve a month off to smell the roses so to speak. I'll have to catch up with you and your posts once I'm back from Greece.

Happy Birthday Ashley!


Yum!! Your photos make me want to be a bunny and just eat greens!

Have a great July! Looking forward to your return and tales about your adventures come August!

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