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Friday, June 20, 2008



I love Baptisia, but I was never able to grow it in my gardens for some reason. It's such a true blue color, and that is hard to find in the garden. The Bee is adorable! Can't you just imagine a whole swarm of those chubby little knitted bees?


what stunning flowers (new to me) The remind me of a cross between lupines and sweet peas in their shape. Just lovely.
and those hand knit bees are adorable!!


Those flowers - wow!

Wool Winder

Beautiful blossoms! And the little knitted bees are just adorable. I may even have to try them.


I love baptisia too. The fact that it blooms along with the peonies is icing on the cake.

Cindy D

yes ............those pods that form after the flowers die are full of seeds..............


Oh, by the way, Kim, I see you tried the technique with the camera, that we discussed earlier! The shot is great!


Your new camera did a super job on that shot of the flowers today. Wow! I was going to send the AnnyPurl's link to you, as well! Aren't they cute?


Beautiful baptista! I like the pods that form afterwards...makes up for the short bloom time.


Those are gorgeous flowers and the bees make it so alive and vibrant. We have a pretty shrub with purple flowers (I don't know what it is called) and it attracts flying creatures,too, but they are almost all wasps, so we don't get too close!


Lovely, Kim!!! It's so fun to watch the bees in the flowers isn't it!!!

Me, too...I need to get the bee shawl buzzing again!!

Marcia  Cooke

I also love Baptisia! I have two large ones, next to each other, and one blooms almost a week before the other so I get extended delight. They are also great in flower arrangements, and I love the seed pods. So do my two little grandsons!


yeah, those flowers are sooo pretty! and the bees provide just the right note of fun and color contrast! a little like herb robert with some yellow (wink!)


The story Terry shared happened to the house Smith lived in as a boy. Your flowers are beautiful. I've always wondered what they were.


The flowers are SO very beautiful and how wonderful to have so many bees attracted to them!

Teresa C

Your yard must be gorgeous! All the flowers and the bees.

Did you hear the story in the news last week about the people that heard buzzing in the walls and had a gooey substance running down them? Just like in the book! There was a huge hive in the walls. The owners were careful to hire someone that wouldn't kill the bees, just take them and add them to their hives. Crazy! I guess the honey was good, but I hope it never happens to me.


The flowers are beautiful. I can hear the bees buzzing from here!

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