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Thursday, June 05, 2008


My Merino Mantra

Contented, sleeping, baby robins. I love that picture!


Those birdies are so cute! Very cool rug.

Wool Winder

Keep the baby bird pictures coming. I enjoy them very much!

Rug hooking looks like fun.


love the baby birds :-)
and your rooster!


Don't stop posting those baby bird pictures. They're such a treat. Yesterday I watched out the front window two 'baby' birds,already grown to a size quite a bit bigger than their mother, following her around, squawking for food, and the little mother searching for food and then feeding them. This struck me as funny, until I realized that I'm in the same situation as that mother bird, now that I have a teenager who is bigger than I am and whom I can't keep filled up.
Your rooster looks great. Keep us posted on how it progresses.


I just love the birdlets! Keep posting, we want to see how they grow.

I know what you mean about researching, but being visual. Maybe many fiber people like fiber because it IS so visual.


Precious baby bird pics. I have to tell you that on the way to the vet yesterday with my rabbit I saw a bird in the middle of the road flapping around unable to fly or walk. I picked him up and brought him with me. I wrapped him in a towel (it was raining and he was soaked) and plopped him in my lap for the ride and he just looked up at me the whole time. He looked very young, just fledged from what I can tell. The vet said he didn't see anything broken and he was probably just stunned and will keep him warm and dry and release him some time today. Too cute, these little ones.
As far as the rug hooking, we are SO alike. I bought a rug hooking canvas at the MA sheep and wool and it also is of 4 sheep with a fence going around in a square. I used to do punch needle rugs as a kid and they hold up so well, I thought I'd try the hooking now. I hate the latch hook ones.
And to make this post even longer, I also bought a Bosworth charkha at the sheep and wool and started spinning cotton and am having a blast. We fiber people are all on the same page. :-)


Kim- I love the rug hooking, and the rooster theme.


Love the rooster! Your eye for blending the colors doesn't surprise me one bit. It's true you don't forget. My mom and grandma used to hook and I would sit with them and do little designs on the side of the canvas as a very small girl. When I went back to it as an adult, the techniques were still familiar, if a bit rusty. Hmmm, makes me want to go dig out my rug hooking supplies again. Ooo, shiny.....


Love chickens! You are a busy lady. I love the babies! What a perfect home for them. I'm always amazed at the intricate nests the mommies build. By the way, how do you like your new camera??


You can post all the baby bird photos you want, I think they are precious. (oh gawd, did I just say precious? oy)
Anyway, love the rug. I have a friend from reenacting days who does a lot of rug hooking and I know she really enjoys it.


Simple pleasures...the key to a good life.

Cheryl S.

The birdie photos are great - it's a treat to be able to see into a nest like that and watch the little ones grow!

Cindy D

It seems the blog world is ablaze with bird pics. It must be spring! I posted a cardinal pic this am.............


What a cool rug that will be! You just do a little of everything don't you? I'm glad your baby birds are so healthy! :)

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