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Wednesday, May 21, 2008



oh so sorry you haven't been well . . . but i see from the next post you're feeling better. have a good weekend!


Birds will lay eggs everyday or every other day. You may find a few more. Yeah D Cook! I'm not looking forward to spending additional time with the updated typepad, I haven't had the time to master the former. Feel Better!

Barb M

What is that beautiful blue yarn??!! I love it. By the way, got my shipment this week and I love the lace weight yarn.


That is such a great picture of the nest and eggs. I won't be bored with baby pictures, so do what you will!

Hope the blahs run their course fast. Or at least in time for Memorial Day.


I'm amazed at how blue those eggs are. Wow! Such a nice picture too. I'll be watching for the baby pix. :)

Hope you're feeling better.

Beth S.

I just found a robin's nest too! :-) But I'm afraid to get too close to it and spook the mama robin. I hope I can get a picture with the zoom lens, though. The mama barely fits in the nest as it is, so I don't know how it's going to work when the eggs hatch...

What beautiful deep blue that is. There must be silk in that yarn... it's so glossy-looking!

Hope you perk up soon. Early to bed, good tea, etc. :-)


Love the robin's eggs photo!! Very nice!

I heart David Cook! Was so depressed after Tuesday night and the dumb judges' comments...So gleeful last night!!! Rock on!


I was rather surprised that David A didn't win seeing his soaring popularity. Glad David Cooke won though. Terry he sang/ played with with ZZ Top! It was very cool.

Love your robin nest and the blue of the eegs.

Is that a new Opulence colorway? It's gorgeous. Terry must be drooling. I know I am. :-)


I love your photo of the robins eggs. I have a robin's nest in a tree outside my house, but it's too high up to see inside.
So your photo is a nice substitute.
Also loved your photo of "Twilight Opulence". I went to the Opulence page so I could buy some but it isn't there. Will you be offering it for purchase soon?

Cheryl S.

Beautiful photo of the nest! I spied a nest with some blue eggs (not as blue as the Robin's) while we were in Italy - I had forgotten my camera on that trek, but I think DH got a photo.

Wool Winder

Robin eggs are so pretty! Looking forward to more pictures.


Both those blues really stand out. The robin's eggs are so beautiful...and that yarn is just georgous! :)


I don't watch the Idol but everyone in Utah wanted the other David (of course). I went to the same High School and I don't care he lost. It is a bit crazy around here and everyone is so sad! Crazy.
The nest picture is wonderful...a little peek of the blue eggs. Baby birds are very photogenic...don't stop. Feel better soon, my friend!


I don't watch American Idol - I know, the horrors! But I will enjoy watching your baby birds grow!


oh my gosh!!! I LOVE that photo! the eggs are so beautiful and you composed the shot so artistically! i live in the desert and never get to see anything that looks like this.

i just knit two repeats of boing! with rhubarb and it's so much fun. I LOVE the yarn - such a joy to knit with. Thanks!

Teresa C

Yay! for David Cook! Did you watch the whole show? We started watching it at about 9:30, so I didn't get to see him sing earlier, who did he sing with?

The new format hasn't shown up in my posting field yet. But look at that framed photo! Like all of the other changes, it'll take us old people a little longer to adapt. Heh.

Stacey (just Stacey)

I love David Cook. His version of Hello made me a tad bit erm... sad I'm single. :D


Shh.. don't flame me but I can not stand David Cook! Sorry!

I'm always amazed by the color of those eggs. Seems so unreal and lovely!


I had a bit of a time with the new format today. whew!


I hope you are feeling better soon! I am praying for David Cook too - but the other David has the girls on his side - ugh:) I want Cook to go on and be a rockstar like Chris Daughtry anyways, so there:)

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