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Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Count me in! My jasmine is amazing right now, and deserves showing off.


I hear you Kim.

I hear you about the 5 kids lifestyle. I feel a little guilty that we're so excited to have the big kids go to their dad's for 8 weeks. The privacy and quiet - we'll feel like we're on vacation at Home.

I hear you about losing your blogging voice. Things change. Life goes on. People come and go... friends stay. Seems like we're part of a different generation of bloggers. We seem to change our blogging habits with the ebb and flow of our lives. Mostly we are no longer searching for what blogging gave us in the beginning - don't you think?


Very nice little nothings! I've been doing something similar with charity squares, but mayhap I will expand my horizons a bit.


Which scarf pattern are you using? I bought some Malabrigo lace weight on a trip to Chicago, and am trying to figure out what to knit with it. (Your scarves are both lovely!)


Those scarves are beautiful! I know whacha mean about your blog voice. I feel out of practice which makes me feel like not blogging at times.


Do newly hatched tadpoles count as flowers? I have been waiting weeks for them ot "open up"!


It is nice you have something little to knit that is so lovely when your energy has waned to keep the mojo going. Everything goes in cycles; please take some time for yourself. I'm glad you had so much fun at the Fair. Looks like you got some nice and yummy pretties! :)


Kim- One thing I'm sure you already know, you must take time for yourself- even if it's knitting for an hour- it keeps you sane.

Somewhat sane.


What would we do without our knitting? I would be a different person, for the worse. I love the idea for the flowers! Is it Friday, yet?!


I won't have photos from my garden as I live in a condo, but I can take photos of the landscaping I help pay for monthly.

Love the scarf - it's really beautiful.


oh boy, do i HEAR ya. and i love BOTH colorways!! yum yum i really like that first one a lot!


The 'little nothings' are lovely. I want to knit some! The Friday Flowers are a charming idea. My posts often include flowers from a windy garden in northern England (although seldom on Friday as it is at the end of a very busy weeks teaching!)


Love the latest little nothing!! Glad that you are taking some time for you...it is important! Looking forward to seeing spring take hold up there...


Count me in!!! I would love to try a Friday Flowers post!!! Great idea!!

A few more !!!! for good measure!!!


I was just thinking of Friday Flowers. I'll stick to my Eye Candy Friday format but you know most of those photos will be flowers, too!


I do love your scarf. It's hard to knit when the energy just isn't there.

The Friday Flowers is a nice idea...hmmm.

Beth S.

The flamingo-colored scarf is just incredible. What a gorgeous colorway! :-)


Ooo, flowers on Friday! I might need to do it next week as my flowers may end up on Thursday this time around.


Ain't it grand when little nothings turn out to be such wonderful somethings? And I look forward to your Friday Flowers.

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