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Friday, May 30, 2008


Beth S.

I didn't know that the male robin sits on the nest! How refreshing it is to hear that. ;-) I wonder if that means that the hyperactive robin in my own backyard is the male and not the female, as I'd assumed. Anyway, I envy your pictures--I can't get a decent angle on our nest, at least not without infringing too much on their privacy.

Wool Winder

Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the baby bird in the nest. Thanks for running out in your PJs to document the progress.


PJ's and pictures your a classic blogger. Thanks for sharing. Your so lucky to have baby birds in your yard. You must be a quiet stepper to have been able to get such good pic's.


Typepad hasn't upgraded me yet so I haven't had the pleasure, or displeasure.

Hope you have a great weekend too!


While trying to identify a honeysuckle 'tree' at my last home, I found out there are over 20 types of honeysuckle. Some are invasive and others are not. Some smell good and others, like the 'tree' have no smell at all. The vining type is often invasive here in the south. It does smell good though.

Love seeing the baby birds and watching them grow and fledge.


cute baby bird :-)
sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead!


I'm curious about all the folks who hate the typepad upgrade. I haven't had any trouble with it. That's quite unusual for me. So am I missing something? And yes, I do have the upgrade.


Thanks for going out in your pj's to take pictures! I do that a lot! Love the flowers, the babies, the poem, the earth! How do you like your camera?


Your garden looks gorgeous. Spring flowers are so luscious, and I personally prefer the ones that others often think of as a bit wild and pesky. We have three lilac bushes along the back of our property which should probably be cut back but right now they are laden with lovely, fragrant blossoms.
Enjoy your fibery weekend; it sounds ideal. I'm spending Saturday at a spinning class, so we'll both be enjoying improving and expanding our fiber enthusiasms, I hope.


The Bridal Wreath is lovely...does it thrive in the Pacific NW?

I heart the babies!!


I love the way honeysuckle smells...mmmmmm. Welcome baby birds! :)


Carole has a bridal wreath photo today too! Such a stunning shrub.


There's lots of bridal wreath going around today! Love your little birdies!


Tell Typepad! (I don't have the upgrade as yet.)
Until Carole and you said the bush was called a Bridal Wreath I was unaware of its name. We always called it a Cascade Bush.
Love the bird family. My favorite alarm clock is the chirping of birds.

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

I also like honeysuckle. Have been thinking about getting some to grow along my fence line. You have some pretty things in your yard.

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