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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Marcia Cooke

This book is just my all-time favorite book of knitting designs. EVER. There are only two designs in the whole book that I'm not crazy about...but I don't hate them. Can't remember when I've bought another book I could say that about! And I have the right yarn in stash for at least four of the ones I love!


It's going to be beautiful!


That scarf will be pretty amazing! (as always) I got my Burgandy Bean today - omg - where have you been all my life? ;)


The scarf is lovely. And sometimes changing the needle size the the answer.

And I am going to have to check out the book now.

Beth S.

I'm so glad you can see the ground again! Well, parts of the ground, anyway. ;-)

And that book is very high on my wishlist. I've never met a Lisa Lloyd design I didn't like.


Oh my! That Scarf! That Book! Rhinebeck! Yes!Yes!Yes! I need to start planning now because I believe I will be at Rhinebeck this year and just can NOT go without a Rhinebeck Sweater! :)


Oh my! That Scarf! That Book! Rhinebeck! Yes!Yes!Yes! I need to start planning now because I believe I will be at Rhinebeck this year and just can NOT go without a Rhinebeck Sweater! :)


yikes that's a lot of snow!! We take our weather for granted here in CA. That book looks interesting I can't wait to check it out. There are so many things to knit and not enough hours in the day!


Yes, my book arrives tomorrow. I love the connections also. Very very precious to me.

There is lots of damage...plants, lawn, branches, others. *sigh*

I do like the first scarf, but I'm not a wisp person. Nice pattern!


Oooooh! I am really looking forward to buying that book! The sweaters in it are just breathtaking....


That scarf is really going to be lovely...glad you got it all worked out. :)Sorry about your fences. :(


Yay Terry! The book looks fabulous...I'll order it now. This winter is hard to recover from and you've had an extra hard year. May spring be good to you!

Wool Winder

I never thought about what the weight of snow could do to a fence. Not good. On the other hand, the book and scarf look very good.


That book looks wonderful - I'm a big fan of her designs!


hooray for bare ground! and green yarn (wink!)


So sorry to see the fence damage. amazing this year.
Your Alhambra is going to be lovely. (that is the pattern, isn't it?) I have a friend who is also test knitting it, and she's also ripped back three or four times, looking for the perfect yarn/gauge combo.
Thanks for the book link - just placed my order, can't wait to see it.


Loved that book when Julia gave us the sneak peek at SPA. Mine is in the mail! Can't wait. Kudos to Terry!


Anne's scarf would look great in a heavier yarn, but you're right, that isn't what she had in mind. I do love that pattern. I'll have to keep my eye out for that book, because I love that sweater too! Please share what yarn you choose for it. Oh, and by the way, I've been looking on your blog for the new socks, but I just discovered you already have them in your shop. Come on, Friday (pay day!).


I like the sweater - will wait for you to show 'n' tell yours.
Folks in CT do stone walls - less snow damage. : )

Folks here in TN don't worry about that much snow. : )


We have damage of a different kind- a big bunny is eating my bulbs and branches.

Looks like a lovely sweater- I would love to go to Rhinebeck.


I hope you and Anne do this scarf as a kit.
I'm knitting gust in your sock yarn, Nlack Velvet, and am loving it . A bit denser than the original, but still gorgeous. The colour is beautiful and the yarn a joy to knit with.


My copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to have a good long look at it!

Mary Beth

Mine is coming too...can't wait!

Teresa C

Poor Kenny, the shoveling is over, but the work is not.

I just got an email from Lisa and she is sending me a copy of the book. I can't wait!


Ok, 2nd try...I had to do a traffic check for the DH...bad accident on the usual way home and the road is closed.

The scarf is looking good. I would like to make it when it is out for public consumption! I WANT that sweater!! I have had a itch to do a sweater for me, enough of doing stuff for everyone else!! And I think that is it! Can't wait to see that book and get the details.

Glad to see that things really are melting there, don't like seeing the damage but know what it is like to see what is revealed after a long winter...Was out in the yard today digging up the dead. drought damaged items and trying to make it look like something...even had to cut the grass!!

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