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Thursday, April 03, 2008



I love doing the EZ sewn bind off. Great tutorial!

Beth S.

This sock turned out beautifully! :-) And thank you for the sewn bind-off tutorial. I always do my socks top-down, but there are plenty of other places where a sewn bind-off would prove very useful.

Susan Pandorf

Ooh! I like yours better than mine. Too cute! And now you have your very own woolen rabbits. Couldn't happen to a nicer person. Profound thanks from a humble designer.

May your life be blessed as you have blessed mine. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it?

Catch you on the flip side...


Absolutely gorgeous sock!!

Cathy in Ohio

Hi I'm interested in getting some of your hand cream for my dh. He has psorisis and his hands are in terrible shape, snagging on yarn, etc. I don't do paypal, so wondered if you would take a check or money order?

I'm hoping your hand cream will be the key, we have been lookng for..


First of all, I love the sock! Secondly, I also love the song - I have it sung by The Limelighters years ago. Have to pull out the Ipod and listen to it again - well sing along too.
The tutorial is great - corrected what I was doing wrong. Thanks for that!


Georgous colorway for a georgous sock! 2nd sock syndrome is forcing me to learn to knit 2 at once. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


Georgous colorway for a georgous sock! 2nd sock syndrome is forcing me to learn to knit 2 at once. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


oh it's SO so cute! love them and love the color.


Kim- They are so cute. Alot of people cast on for the second sock immediately, so they don't lose the mojo.

Your studio sounds like heaven.

Wool Winder

The single sock display is actually a good idea for featuring your sock yarns in your shop. This sock is really pretty, whether it ever gets a mate or not.


Nice - very nice - thanks for the tutorial!! Hopefully spring really will arrive at some point and stay. :)


love that sock!
I know all about second sock syndrome - I knit so many for booth samples, that are now sitting in my drawer... too funny. I figure that by the time I get around to knitting all the mates, it'll feel like a brand new sock!


yeah for Monday!! I can hardly wait!! The pattern and the yarn look fabulous!! I'm telling my husband that sock yarn doesn't count as stash....the wall of single socks is hysterical! Single socks as art....I love it!!


This is a gorgeous GORGEOUS sock!! I liked the little swatches you've been showing snippets of, but I really _love_the actual sock. I couldn't really imagine doing it in a different colorway... your choice is impeccable! You have me really looking forward to starting up for my first pair... but first, finish two baby sweaters and a cardigan for me!!


Great sock! Sewn bind off is my fave. Guess where I learned it... yep... EZ. :-)


It's such a pretty sock and perfect for that colorway, too. The second sock always goes faster for me and I'd rather finish than having it hang around. Great tutorial! Thanks.


Yippee!!! I'm so glad the pattern and kit is almost ready. I love the color. Thanks for the link to the Loopy Ewe and the picture. It is funny. I must admit that I could string my singles up like that. I hate making the second sock, unless they're little kid socks. Those are fast and fun. You just have to knit the second sock first! One blog author I read, somewhere, said she avoided the second sock syndrome by knitting a whole bunch of different patterns, one sock, and then by the time she got back to the first one she knit, to knit the mate to it, it was like a brand new sock. I kind of like that idea too. Thanks for making these!


Thanks for the tutorial. I don't think I've seen that before.

Barb M

Cute socks! Can't wait for the kit. Monday's not looking so bad now.


It's really sweet. And perfect for Project Spectrum this month.
I like to knit the second sock immediately because 1)I want to wear them and 2)I don't want to forget the pattern.


Yeah! Glad that it worked for you too. Now we have to get you doing two at a time...toe up!! I can hear you laughing now....can't wait to get my kit and get going on this one.

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