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Thursday, March 27, 2008



The pink yarn is so pretty like a baby pretty. I love making a baby sweater....such a sweet little sweater fix in a small package.

Susan Pandorf

I love the new color - very cute!

Isn't it nice, when winter refuses to let us go easy, to have a little bit of spring on the needles?



P.S. Nice photo of the yarn, by the way!

Wool Winder

I love knitting things for babies and have always wanted to try that sweater. You may inspire me to give it a go even though I have no one in mind to give it to.


You need to look out your window again! I'm typing this Friday, and we have yet another snow here in Maine. Will it ever stop?!! The Nashua yarn is really nice. I'm using the cotton one, now, to make a little skirt from Mac & Me, Child's Summer Skirt. I love this yarn. I can't wait until the socks are done! I want them!


I heard spring peepers last night and again tonight! Woot!


NOW i see the bunnies! hahaha.


I love that color and think that is a beautiful little sweater. Hadn't noticed the ear problem! I am glad that you are seeing hints of spring. The Cherry trees are now in bloom and the pine pollen is out --everything gets coated with this greenish/yellow powder! Very lovely...;-)


Yummm that yarn is nice. I think that sweater will be wonderful for a gift to a special little girl. Love your photos too! I hadn't noticed the ear issue until you showed the new version. I was able to get the 'old' ears and the new ears on the screen at the same time. I think I like the new ones.


I love the composition of your yarn photo shoot! And the socks? Adorable! I don't know- a floppy little ear I think would look cute too :-)


I wouldn't know about Spring here... the deer are eating all my shoots from the bulbs I planted in Fall... Grrr...
That EZ baby sweater is my very favorite baby girl knit. My Knitter's Almanac opens automatically to that page and there are notes in all the margins from the many I've knit over the years. Very gratifying.


That EZ sweater is one of my favs. I've been dying to knit it up for someone. Good idea to make it and have it on hand.
It's good to hear your world is starting to change with hints of spring time. Today we have snow! ;-)


I'm not a pink person either but that shade is lovely! Yes, they do look like ears now!


Kim- I think I may put some ears where they'll be seen when you're wearing them with a shoe.

Though it is nice to have secret ears where no-one can see them.

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