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Friday, March 28, 2008



I guess I should count myself lucky instead of whining all the time. We got two inches this week and it all melted fast. The mud is another story, but at least it's a change from the last four (five? six?) months.

Hang in there!


It's snowy here too - just about April and it's snowing in Seattle. Crazy!


oh my gosh - snow. and more snow.
love those little rabbit socks from the last post.


The snow has been blowing around all day today! I've got a robin who's set up shop on my front step this weekend...let's hope she stays!


Sorry!!! You've just been slammed with the snow this year. Spring has to come sometime...I promise! :)


Kim- Just think how excited you'll be to see some flowers spring up. Snow is good for the garden.


We're getting snow today, too...but it's so wet, it's more like rain. Will winter ever end!?


Sorry that its still snowing but what a great photo!


You've had way more than your fair share of the white stuff. I won't mention the sunsh... (ooops!) that we have today.

Wool Winder

Unbelievable! You guys have had more than your share of winter this year.


For crying out loud, you're still getting snow? Thank goodness for wool, eh?

What a beautiful photo---have a great weekend, Kim!

Knitting Mania

Be of good cheer, Spring will come, eventually, promise.

In he meantime...keep knitting and eat lots of hot soup!


I think S.N.O.W is the new eff word at this point! Poor Ken must have developed a serious twitch and be more than ready to commit himself to the funny farm with all the shoveling this winter.


hoo boy, you sure have gotten slammed this year. good thing yarn comes in so many colorful colors!


Yo. It snowed here, but I missed it. Rained while I was at work, and it's gone now. I think I'm glad.


Oh My Goodness! I won't say negatives because I had strawberries blooming one year - then got 12" of snow on top of them. Nature's April Fool's Day snowfall in TN.

May solar snow removal work soon for you!


Wow! I think I'd be really sick of the snow, but it is pretty.

We've had snow four times this year and it hardly ever snows in our part of Georgia. But our four snow events have been really, really small. :)

Beth S.

This is crazy. Absolutely crazy.

I hope the poor robins will be okay.

Teresa C

Oh, but it is so pretty, even still. Ours will have melted by Sunday or Monday. We only got about 3-4 inches. And for now it beats the alternative weather of other places around the country. Okay, Maui isn't one of them, but still. Too bad this snow is crap though. Too heavy and sticky to do anything with or in. Pete hasn't even gotten the snow blower out. I think he has given up and will just see if it melts on its own. I hope it does.


Thanks for reminding that no matter how much I love New Hampshire and the White Mountains in particular, I don't want to move there.


OMG! I burst out laughing when I read your post. I know that isn't very nice but it is 79 here and things are blooming...it is hard to think that you are in a snow storm! Hang in there, we know that spring will come up there sometime...just hope that it is soon!


Wow! We had hardly any snow this year, :(


Um, wow. Or holy cow. Or, I'm sorry. Everytime I think I miss seeing the snow, it goes and does something like that. The year I left Northeastern Ohio for good, it snowed on May 5. I couldn't get out fast enough. But thanks for sharing it with us, it is beautiful!


I'm so sorry.
Mercy, but it's beautiful...




We got some of that dratted white stuff also! I am so hungering for spring... and I love your pink colors from yesterday - I am dreaming of spring... Hoping it helps usher it in soon!

We are over 110 inches of snow here - yuck.


I'm sorry you're getting even more snow!

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