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Saturday, March 01, 2008


sara aka woolies at etsy

wow, look at all that snow!!! I just discovered your blog - love it! I'm a knitter and lover of tea too - come visit my blog and read all about the southwest!


whoa - that snow is incredible.
good thing we can cozy up to a nice warm fire and knit our way til spring.


I feel guilty sitting here with the windows open while you are surrounded by all that snow! :( Georgous yarn! :)


I'm with you on the snow. It's really warm out today, though, and it looks like we'll get some rain.

Do you always do what your yarn tells you?


Okay, the snow is getting deep. Have the dogs created tunnels yet? And I am still thinkig about the melt and where the water will go.


I can't believe all that snow! It's so pretty (coming from someone that doesn't get enough of it!)


The snow is amazing! We're lucky to get a few flakes that last a day here in Portland, OR.

The Flutter scarf would be stunning in Roasting Chestnuts with some beads!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Kim- In a few short weeks, the snow may be a memory, but there have been years where we've had it in April.

I'm doing Oh! Canada in the Moroccan Spice Opulence, and it's amazing to knit with. I just adore it.


Snow, enough. I'm in Maine, you might recall, and places here have been hit hard. Luckily, it's not been too bad where I am. It's pretty, but enough, already! Cleo looks very content with the situation. My dogs love the snow, as well. Okay, with the Flutter, I started it with Malabrigo lace, and I didn't care for it. I will be very eager to see how yours evolves with your yarn. I really love that idea.


OOoh a Roasting Chestnuts Flutter would be lovely. I look forward to seeing it when you work on it. I think you said at one point, but I can't find it now - where do the quotes you have come from? I seem to recall it is a book? I'd like to find a copy if it is. They are very intriguing.

I am sorry you're not getting any breaks from the snow. And I'm extra sorry you had to retire a car. But you sure do have pretty pictures.

Wool Winder

If nothing else, you got a beautiful picture from all that snow. I'm sure you'd rather be done with it though. Flutter should help to keep your spirits up.

Beth S.

That first picture is just like a painting! (Who was it that did all those glorious New England landscapes--Wyeth, maybe? I'll have to consult Wikipedia.) Anyway, this is one of my very favorite Saturday Skies so far. :-)


Don't worry, the end of snow is in sight.

Beads will be beautiful with that yarn.


That's just nuts. The boys will be excited to see the picture of Skyy. It's supposed to hit 50 here tomorrow. I'll stand outside and blow it your way. I can't believe it. Sure makes for beautiful pictures though.

Cindy D

Stunning snow scene! The dog in the snow has the most interesting expression.


I know you must be tiring of the snow - but we've had so little I would love to be up there now! I just have to tell you, I received your yarn yesterday - I ordered the Whisper Laceweight in Arabian Nights - it has to be the most beautiful yarn I've seen - just amazing. Thanks so much!


I can't believe how much snow you have this year. It sure is making up for last year, eh? The sun is shining today and I hope to get out and enjoy it.


The picture is beautiful as overwhelming as it is. It is hard to believe the size of the snow bank by the porch...Funny, I have been looking at Flutter too! Actually thinking of using the beautiful blue lace weight that you did for me! Stay warm!


We did have snow today, BUT it was a dusting and much of what was here is melted. It's amazing the amount you have still and more coming. The photo of the sun is so beautiful. Flutter will be rich and beautiful with that green and beads, too!

Mary Beth

OK. It's all I've been thinking about all week. Flutter and some of your yarn. Or maybe Seraphim, thanks to Teresa C. Off to seal the deal...

Alarming Female

We got more snow today, too, so I'm feeling you.

That yarn is gorgeous--it will be beautiful as Flutter.


What a beautiful photo of the wintery sky! Wow are you getting a lot of snow! It is beautiful though.

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