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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Yay, I'm doing the June sock club ! (My first large-scale project, wish me luck.)

I've got the colorway narrowed down to three choices, or possibly a fourth I haven't created yet. Then comes the production.

Hope you dry in time!

Knitting Mania

My first visit. Love to find a good knitting blog...yay!! Love your creations, just beautiful.

I love where you live, I'm from New England, now living in California and getting to relocate this Spring to Montana, I miss the seasons, and that includes SNOW!!

I'll be back! :)


Your yarny pile looks awesome. I just know that your pairing with Anne on that great sock pattern will be a big success.

Cindy D

My fav tea lately is Egyptian Licorice by Yogi.


Chocolate orange dipped tea!!! Wow!

I just bought two of those little infuser mugs for me and DH - we drink different types of tea. Love them!


Ooh I'll have to try some Harney's. I love the Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach as well. My favorite Adagio is the Irish Breakfast--all gone, I need to place an order soon!


I hate to be left out. So teapot, mug, Lemony gunpoweder, hot cinnamon spice and cranberry autumn ordered. My thoughts, if you and Terry like it(Sort of the "Mikey" theory) I should like it too. When I say "I love your dye job", it means something different than the usual use of said phrase.


What a nice and cozy post...wow, the snow you have! Love all the pictures. No cabin fever, right?


You're inspiring me to go try more tea- I usually stick with the old standby of chamomile and lemon at night and green during the day. There's something so relaxing about a nice cup in the afternoon and take a few minutes for yourself.

Your yarn is looking so pretty (as usual!) =)


I used to buy mostly Harney teas but have more recently switched to Adagio. Some of my favorites there are white peach, white tropics, vanilla green, Earl Grey green, almond oolong, and a custom blend called burning leaves that combines lapsang souchong, pumpkin spice, and chocolate. Simpson & Vail has a very nice J. P. Morgan blend if you like a touch of lapsang, and for herbals I like their Precious Paulina. For an aromatic black tea, try their Victorian Earl Grey. My favorite black is a high grade keemun.

My list is long, but I probably keep about 30 kinds at one time ranging from large cannisters to two ounce sampler tins. Other than the flavored teas I lean toward Chinese teas of all four types. This is as much, or more, fun than buying wine, and much cheaper.


Pretty yarn colors. And how did you know I am looking at ordering some new teas> I may have to give the Lemon Gunpowder a try.

Wool Winder

I've never developed a taste for hot tea. We drink it with ice in the south. Perhaps I should try again. You make it sound so good.


Beautiful yarn...I love all the subtle color changes in it. :)


You tea people are getting all crazy on me! I can't believe how many people Terry has converted. If she ever becomes a JW watch out!


Kim- I love Harney's tea. There's one I get up here from "Say Tea" that's Lemon Rose, and "Victorian garden"- you don't know whether to drink it or put it in a jar and look at it.

Isn't that wonderful about the baby? She is so beautiful.


Seems like we ought to organize a tea party. With spinning and knitting involved as well. Maybe a bunch of us could rent one a them ginormous Outer Banks on the sea houses after labor day for a big ole pj tea n spin party.


Well I was wondering if you were buried in snow or buried in yarn!! Glad to see it was yarn...That pattern is really beautiful as is the yarn, hope you have been having fun doing it! Spring is definitely coming your way!

Teresa C

I see my mission continues apace!

And you are right, the Lemony Gunpowder makes a great iced tea.

Happy dyeing, drying, skeining, repeat.....


Not a stitch?! That's OK - seems like you're having fun anyways. Yummy tea and pretty yarn!


Yep, Terry is a baaad influence. As are YOU, dear grrl. I've been thinking of those beautiful glass Adiago teapots. Perfect for brewing some of my favorites--Twining's English Breakfast Tea, or Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach. Mmmmmmm.

Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

I love Harney's and Republic of Tea. Harney's Valentine tea has chocolate and pink rosebuds in it and the chocolate really works well in it. I am kind of hooked on peach and ginger these days.


Beautiful yarn! I have that mug and just love it; I'm not surprised about the Adagio tea -- I'm not really a fan of any of their tea. I like Harney & Sons, as well as Republic of Tea (in general), Mighty Leaf Vanilla Black tea, and TeaRevolution tropical green. But my hands-down favorites? Celestial Seasoning Madagascar Vanilla Red and their holiday "Candy Cane Lane" tea.


You don't like the chocolate orange tea? I turned Terry on to that one.


That Terry has affected us all in positive ways. Chocolate tea just doesn't do much for me either! Your yarn is gorgeous!


Terry made a convert of me too - I just got a Harney's shipment, including the Lemony Gunpowder - which I love! We'll have to share a cup sometime.

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