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Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore that teapot. It is so beautiful. This definitely brings to mind evenings sitting out on the porch with tea in the springtime. I can't wait for things to warm up again soon. :)


I love your Bees shawl. Are you selling that color lace weight? I really like the muted honey color. I just posted a finished stole on my blog with your lace weight in Elderberry Gold. I've had it in my stash for a while and it was perfect for this project:)
And I am a tea lover as well. I'm sitting here with a cup of Earl Grey as I type.


Wow, bees and honeycomb! That's great! I love it.


Oohh, this post makes me just want to curl up and knit the day away, with a hot pot of tea beside me. That teapot is absolutely adorable. It's making me swoon--apparently you're not the only one who's easily amused. ;)

kathy b

a beautiful bee/hive creation. yes i do love it. Hi to the cav's


Harney's Cinnamon Spice is one of my favorites, thought I have become addicted to many of their teas as my cupboard (or the shelf on the wall at work) will attest. Since you're still in the middle of winter, there try the Vanilla. Or the Chocolate Mint (I know, I said the same thing, but try it). In fact I'd recommend trying the 8-pack sampler of 2 oz tins if you haven't done it already.

As I type, I'm drinking the Dragon Pearl, a bit exensive but worth every penny.


adorable tea pot. I have one similar to that which is fun to brew to 'flower' teas in. fun to watch.
there's nothing quite so comforting on a chilly day as a pot of tea, is there.

In addition to that gorgeous bee shawl that you're knitting, I love your little frogs on the table. so sweet.


Forgot to thank you for the link to the Spaceboard blocking board. I need one, too.


I'm enjoying watching your work on Bee. Glad you like Adagio. I have about 20 of their teas right now. We alternate among them for variety. Don't think I could handle the size pot you chose, however. I make up about a 32 oz. pot for ONE.


When we adopted our youngest daughter from china, we went to several tea markets. This same teapot sells for $5 (american $$) in China. I came home with 5 different china sets and 60 lbs. of tea. Have you ever tried adding cut up apples or oranges to your tea leaves when steeping? It's delicious.


Tea - yum! The shawl is so very pretty!

pat jarvis

HELLO KIM - so right you are - nothing like a good cup of tea , before, during, and after a knitting event- I love the bee stole too , and those pesky little bees do make it !!

pat j


I love that poem, and the bees are looking wonderful. I have an Adagio pot, too - it's great.


LOVE adagio, they are one of my favorite tea sources!


What adorable bees! That shawl is one beautiful pattern after another...I can't wait to see it blocked! I just love tea and I see one of those darling pots in my future. :)

Beth S.

That's very clever of you. Why torture yourself blocking one giant piece of lace when you can do it in halves? :-)

And the teapot is darling. I may need one.

Kat with a K

I love Adagio! And the bees are looking great.


Kim- I love coming over to your blog- where the knitting is great and the tea is made.

I have the same teapot, and it's opened up a whole new world of loose tea.

I have to tell you that I'm using my Sweet Pea lace, and found some perfect beads, and have cast on for a giant Swallowtail. The color is like having Spring in a skein- you are so clever!

Wool Winder

This section is beautiful! So different than anything I've ever seen before. The bees are wonderful, but I really love the honeycomb.


The bees are wonderful. How does one think up these patterns? I'm so very jealous that you can just "shoot down" to Center Harbor. I absolutely love the store, the lake and everything about Center Harbor and the area. Lucky you! (We even try to sneak in a meal at Walter's Basin in Holdernes when we come to NH). Glass teapots always seem to make the tea look inviting. Your pictures are great.


Oooo! I love that teapot! Wonder if there are any left or if your faithful readers cleaned them out already!


Looking good! Can't wait to see it in all its glory. Stay warm and toasty...spring is going to come soon!


That bee/honeycomb section is really beautiful!

I placed an order with Addagio for my daughter this past Christmas. I was very pleased with both their products and their service. The order came really fast, even during the holidays.


Do you think that teapot would make a good one cup (don't often drink two cups at once)? Love how it looks and love your Bee stole too.


Terry has us all wanting the perfect pot of tea. Spring, spring...where art thou!?!

Cheryl S.

What a darling teapot! And the bee shawl is coming along beautifully!


I love Adagio, too! I need to get some of that cinnamon tea.


Beautiful bees! That teapot looks fabulous. I love Adagio's single-serve glass mug with the metal tea strainer, too. However, I don't much care for any of the Adagio teas I've tried.


I agree it is time for spring. The Bees are heralding her arrival!


Your bees are lovely! I'm finally back to my bee stole after a couple months on Simurgh. It's keeping me quite contented while I wait for the beads for Moroccan Days. The tea looks yummy, too. Your blog is such a peaceful little corner of the world. Thanks for that!


Your Bee Shawl is gorgeous! And I've been thinking about Marie Antoinette since seeing them (her?)at SPA.

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