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Wednesday, February 27, 2008



I can completely relate! Though we haven't had as much snow as you are getting, we have had nearly 100 inches here, which is a record breaker for this area. I want tulips!!! Hope you are well, all things considered. :-)


Wow that is more snow then I ever want to think about shoveling! Those socks are so yummy...nature's first green is gold...Spring is on it's way...honest. :)


Wow, I can't complain about my snow in comparison to that snowbank! The flutter scarf is really sweet.


Oh Kim - another 8-10 coming down here tonight! Those socks are spectacular!


Hi Kim,

Your bee socks are gorgeous! I can't wait to start mine. It was really nice to meet you at SPA.

And I can't stop thinking of that Black Velvet!

Winter can't last forever!

Beth S.

That snowbank is amazing! You must have taken your wheel out of a door on another side of the house to get to Spa... ;-)


That is a lot of snow!!!! And you still have melt season to go through!!!! Yikes!


That's some snowbank you've got going there. We've been in MN for 10 years now, and have yet to see one of the "legendary" winters that actually produces snow like that! I know you're probably sick of it, but I'd love to see some "real" snow around here, so I'm glad to see some places still get winter wonders. :-)


Oh wow that's a lot of snow!

I just love the colors that you pick for your projects. Pretty socks!


Kim- This has been a brutal winter. I like snow, but this is crazy.

What color are you going to do the scarf in? I love all your yarn colors, so anything is good.


Holy cow! That's a lot of SNOW!!!! We have had a total of 5" this year. Too bad we couldn't have worked out a comprimise.


That's a snowbank?! I thought it was a shrub with lots of snow on it. Great projects!


The socks are absolutely beautiful. Bet you can't wait for spring (although you know finishing up lacey socks will just tempt Mother Nature to give you even more white stuff.)

Wool Winder

The socks are really pretty! I'm glad I don't have deal with all that snow. But, I might want to trade places with you when our extreme weather begins. Down here it's heat and humidity...and it's just around the corner.

Mary Beth

That snow!

I have been so inspired by all your beautiful projects and yarns of late...


Your socks are lovely, the yarn you chose looks perfect for them. that snow is awesome, we don't get that here!

Alarming Female

we had a couple of warm days and the snow mostly disappeared. I feel for you.

beautiful work


Holy Moly! That's a lot of snow. I think I'd get even more knitting done if that's what was waiting for me outside my doorstep.


Oh, I almost forgot about the knitting! I was so taken by the snow! I love the socks. I've had my pattern for awhile, and I haven't made them yet. They're so great. The Flutter Scarf is really cute. I love that too. I had actually seen that on another blog. It's making it's rounds.


I have to tell you, I'm a little sick of this snow. How much longer?? My snowbank isn't quite that large!! That sucker will be there until July!


Wow! That is some snowbank.

FOs do seem to come in bunches. Not yet sure what that is about.


I finally had to have someone with a tractor/frontloader come shove my snow back so my plow guy had room to maneuver....

Isn't Mim's Flutter Scarf wonderful? I have it on my Ravelry queue, and I am drooling over your Bee Fields...

It was good to see you at SPA last weekend. Next year, we need to have a margarita (or more) together. I stop shy of the table dancing, though.


That really is a lot of snow! I'm not going to tell Chappy, though--he'd be jealous. Of course, he doesn't have to shovel, either....


What?! How can there be such a difference between you up there and me down here! Looking out my office window there's about 1.5 feet built up out there and I thought that was a lot.


The socks are beautiful but HOLY COW! The SNOW! We thought there was a lot when we were up. My poor grandfather. I hope my cousins are up there helping him. There's like 100 of them in the area (okay... I'm exaggerating but not by much). If they all go up and help he won't have to shovel. Yuh. Right.


You are right -- super cute! ;-)


Wow that's a lot of snow. My hubby shovels our snow, too, and he told me the other day that he can't wait till our toddlers are big enough to do it for him!


Holy crap that's a lot of snow! Good thing you have pretty socks to look at.

Cheryl S.

Yikes is right!


Pretty, pretty socks! They'd be drenched in mud here. Cleaning up after dogs is yucky enough, but mud drenched poop is just ugly. I think I'd rather shovel snow.


Oh my, I haven't seen snow like that since I lived in Michigan umpteen years ago.


You are making good progress!! Everything looks lovely. My oh my, cannot believe the snow bank!!! Would you believe that I have daffodils in bloom here!?!? Stay warm...

Kat with a K

Beautiful socks! I am so sick of the snow.


Good grief but that's a lot of snow!


Poor Ken! So does he have to shovel out a spot in the yard for the puppers to do their business too? The kids should carve out an igloo in that bank :-) Love the socks and your unfolding Bee.


Oh so many pretty things - I do love your new siren especially!


yikes. your snow is amazing.
love those bees socks!


I can't believe the amount of snow! No wonder you're sick of it. I find the same thing...nothing much gets finished for awhile and then everything on the needles comes together at once and you have a finishing flurry.

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