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Sunday, February 24, 2008



oh Canada is stunning !


It was great to see you as always! And my mind refuses to have anything to do with what it should be dealing with (read: work) because it's too busy pondering what to do with your beautiful laceweight.


Kim- That's it- I'm starting my Oh! Canada, it's absolutely gorgeous.
I got hooked on that Cinnamon tea when I worked at Williams-Sonoma.


This is so gorgeous! I absolutely love the color! Sounds like a fun weekend.


Oh Canada is gorgeous! Is this SPA open to the public? Like...I could check it out next year? ;-)


So glad to see you (and your fibers!). Terry may just make me a tea drinker yet.


LOVED spending time with you. It looks like I'm trying to read a secret message in the roving! Maybe it's saying "spin me!"

Teresa C

It was a great weekend, though I do agree that it didn't seem like there were knitters and spinners everywhere like in previous years.

Glad to be a tea pusher. I see I'll have to up my game for next year, Cheryl may be younger, but I'm training!


oooh, i'll have to check out those teas . . . i like tea all year round though i still have to do the coffee ritual too.
oh!canada looks spectacular! thank you for making my pattern look so wonderful!


Hmm, one paltry Starbucks run certainly can't compete with Terry's persistent tea pushing. I can see I'll have to up my game next year. We coffee drinkers get very nervous when people talk about leaving our ranks. Maybe I'll bring a french press next year so I can intercept Terry more quickly.


Nothing quite like the sisterhood is there? So lucky to be part of this wonderful hive! Love the photo of Kathryn!

Kat with a K

Oh Canada looks great! Maybe I will finally get to SPA next year....


Sounds like you had a great time - although I'm sure you were Busy Busy Busy!


Oh! Canada is stunning. What a great design and yours is beautiful.


Thanks for sharing your fun time! I'm envious! The shawl is so beautiful. Your yarn really complimented Anne's pattern. What did you bring home?


I'm so jealous! Oh,Canada! is beautiful!


I just love it when I can get together with my girlfriends. It renews the female spirit! I love Harney and Sons teas. My DIL got me hooked and I order them in the one pound bag every time. It doesn't take long to go through that bag. I drink about two pots a day in the fall, winter and early spring. During the summer I go back to the old faithful...water. I need to find a nice brewed cold tea to drink in the summer from Harneys. A coffee drinker can make that change. I did.

Wool Winder

Gorgeous stole! I think another reason the pattern flew off the table was because you did such a good job on this one.


It was great to see you! I wound my opulence for the scarf last night. I am thinking this would be a quick lacey knit. :)

SPA was...different this year. My friend and I couldn't find anywhere to Knit!!!! no one was around, knitting and spinning, like last year. We shopped more than anything. And yes, my itchy skin is thanking you for the lavender soap. I smell like france today!


It is a fabulous bunch, but then you are pretty special yourself, y'know. Love the picture of the Knitigator. I missed y'all.


Awww, sweetie. We love you, too!


Terry's tea, loads of friends, lots of fiber and yarn, with added loads of laughter. It sounds like heaven (and it is because I've had the good fortune to be in a place like that). Hanging with grrlfriends is the best thing for any soul.


Welcome back, sorry I missed it!


I wish I could have been there! It would have been nice to meet you in person.

Oh, Canada! looks fantastic. The yarn is gorgeous for the pattern.


It was lovely to see you, Kim, and thank you for your kind and knowledgeable words! It meant so much.

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