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Tuesday, February 05, 2008



Isn't it beautiful out there?

My husband's comment on the red shirt was what always happens to the red shirts on Star Trek was about to happen to the Patriots.


Totally. I was so confused about who was coaching who because of that sweatshirt. (I'm more of a commercials superbowl girl. Sorry.)


I am so with you on the red hoodie! WHAT was he thinking! Your pics are making me hanker for a visit up north!

Wool Winder

Gray days make me feel blah. I need a little sunshine for my soul. Surely winter will be over soon.


I'll trade you - some of your snow for our tornados!


Kim- This is the second snow day in a week.

Can you say "cabin fever"?


Looks like what I had in Iowa...lovely huh...Glad to be back in the southland and the warm, 70 yesterday and more today...but the T-storms are a coming. I couldn't believe the red hoodie but thought the walking off the field without the "handshake" was the topper of all toppers! Not good. Oh well, there is always next year.

kathy b

The wardrobe malfuncion certainly hurt him this year. We thought the same thing!


Gorgeous photo - it's just driving in it...ugh. I am electing to stay home today, since school was called, and making valentines with my girls:) And yeah, hoodie? What was he thinking? He went down the tunnel before the game was over - what was he thinking?:(


And to think that you debuted "What the Hull?!" almost this time last year at SPA! You ought to copyright it or something! On a t-shirt? Or mug? Tote? Heee!

Beautiful photo! Unfortunately we had a day of rain instead of snow.


Here's what the HULL: The NY Giants kicked the Patriots' behind!!! I just can't resist; I'm a COLTS' fan, and well, you know what that means!! 18 and what the HULL???? Sorry! I just can't help myself.


You know...it's his Flashdance wardrobe. NFL coach by day - exotic dancer by night - with no time to change in between.

I was really sad. REALLY sad.


Better than the fog and rain we've had here for the past couple of days. I hope the snow sticks around til we can get up there so the boys can go sledding. I'm sure that doesn't help you much, does it? lol. Spring is around the corner...


What the hull - exactly!

Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

It was snow here this morning but on the coast, now we have light rain. And you know what that means -- ICE on the roads.

Teresa C

Wish we were getting snow and not this cold rain. Ugh.

What the HULL, exactly!


Today we have sun, tomorrow more snow, but it might be the last for awhile!!
What the hull? is very dear to my heart;-)


Exactly - that was the loosing item for the evening....

It must have made all the players think alike!


I'm in denial. Superbowl. What Superbowl? Just too painful to contemplate. But less than 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report...

I'm also curious, do you ever take request for dyes? My mother and I are thinking of knitting matching socks for a bride and groom getting married in October. We are trying to find a good blend of deep purple and chocolate brown - the wedding colors. What would you charge for a speciality dye?


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