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Thursday, February 07, 2008



The yarn colorway is gorgeous for your Oh Canada - even if you wanted to knit a little i-cord noose up after the seaming fiasco:) ugh.


dang - I just hate when that happens!
perhaps the wine should have been had before the grafting?? (you know, limber up those knitting fingers?? hee hee)
no seriously tho - it'll work out in the end.

The glass of wine doesn't often get me when I knit, but rather the falling asleep mid row does it every time! I've had to rescue a bunch of stitches from my current cable project due to dozing (grin)


Kim- I've made an Executive decision- I will not be grafting- it will all run in one direction.

I think the wine may work in your favour.

Wool Winder

I don't drink and I still make mistakes like that! Hopefully it will be easy to fix. I'd have a bad case of Spring Fever by now, if I lived where you do.


No kidding, I need a break from this snow! Or maybe I need to move closer to work. Something has to change!


That grafting part has had me worried from the start.


For the first time in weeks we are looking forward to some sunny dry days here. We had lots of rain, the grass we see here is drowning :-)
Sorry about the grafting, hope you will get it right now.


What you got in snow we got in rain. No shoveling for me but what a yucky messa mud. Your scenery is much prettier than mine. Good luck with your grafting.


Oh Canada is on my lists of things to make. I do love Anne's patterns. Make a note on how you do the graft, please. I will probably be asking you soon.

No snow in Pittsburgh. Just rain. It was in the 60s the other day. Weird winter.


Beautiful shawl. Redoing the graft? That bites. Maybe fine chocolate instead of wine with the grafting this time will help. :-)


It snowed here....again... today too. I could use a wee bit o' green poking out thru melting snow soon!


I say seam it up and then enjoy the wine!

Teresa C

I say have the wine anyway, just get started before your first sip.

The snow is beautiful. It'll be gone before we know it.


You're not alone, Sister. You're not alone. At least it's something fixable. How about the Dolly girl?! lol. As soon as she started singing I told Dan she sounded like Dolly. Dang... hit the nail right on the head. See... they should hire me. First Taylor and now this. :-)


At least there's someone else out there besides me, who does these things. I hate when that happens. It is beautiful, though!


Oh well, live and learn...hope that you enjoyed the wine!!


Sorry about the seaming...the color is just georgous. You're snow pics are lovely...we had 70 degree temps this week here in md. :)


Ha-ha! Was is a red? At least if you graft while drinking you should match your wine to your yarn.


Sorry about the grafting. I've avoided patterns like that for that very reason. I'm sure I could do it but I'd rather not!

Cheryl S.

Uh oh! Wine + grafting = bad news!


We also had snow yesterday and more today. It's been a snowy, snowy winter.
That glass of wine while grafting will get you every time;-)

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