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Sunday, February 10, 2008



Yeah, I have gotten sick of the every other day shovelling out of the back gate so I can get it open to feed in the barn. I resorted to calling Bhen over with carrots to trample down some of it and make less work for me. How pathetic does that sound?

Wool Winder

You're having a real winter that's for sure. Wrap up in Oh!Canada and keep warm. It's gorgeous!


Kim- Up here in Oh! Canada it is so cold, it's obscene. Lots of snow as well.
Your stole is gorgeous- the color is so rich. Really nice job.

What a honey your dog is.


Egads! The snow! I guess we'll bring our sleds this weekend! lol. Honestly, that's the snow I remember from my childhood in NH. I remember my grandfather and uncles having to climb out the 2nd story window at the Hatchery so they could dig us out.

Oh Cananda is GORGEOUS!


That is a lot of snow. And the weather patterns have been strange this year. But at least it is powder and not the wet heavy stuff.

Just remember these photos during the really hot days of August though.


I think the grafting turned out great! I want all that snow - we never get that much here but the mountain passes have been getting gobs and gobs of it!


Chris and I are talking going skiing this weekend. Nothing else to do really, with all this snow.


Oh Canada is just beautiful! Congrats on finishing that wonderful grafting! It looks great. Wow you have a lot of snow! It does look pretty though. :)

Kat with a K

Oh Canada looks great! We don't have quite as much snow down here, but I'm still ready for spring!


your shawl is beautiful! thanks for showing a close up of the grafting...i have several patterns that call for grafting two sections together but it has intimidated me...your explaination gives me the confidence to try it.


You must be so glad that grafting is done. And I know it's just like doing a toe but a toe is only about 8 stitches! I hope you'll bring it to SPA, I want to see it in person.


Glad to see you made it ! :-)
And look at that snow ! Crocuses are blooming over here haha !!


hurrah for grafting success with Oh Canada. She's lovely. I look forward to photos of you modeling her :-)
and that snow - wow..

Teresa C

I can't wait to see Oh Canada! blocked. It looks great so far.

Your snow looks wonderful. I hope I get the chance to come up. We were supposed to, but things keep coming up and we haven't x-country skied or snow-shoed yet!:(


oh gosh . . i haven't seen snow like that since 1978 i think! wow. maybe i'm happy with my snow shawl as a substitute after all.


The shawl is awesome! I love the color. I'll have to research the Wool Peddler Shawl. I don't know that one. We have blizzard conditions right now, with more on the way Tuesday night!! Will it ever end?


Ah the fond memories of shoveling paths around the house, keeping vents clear, shoveling the roof, etc, etc...had enough snow while visiting the midwest to have my fill for the year!! The joys of NC living...do love to see the pics!!!


Wow! That is a lot of snow! We've had such a mild winter here.

Congrats on getting the grafting done on Oh, Canada! It came out really beautifully!


Aspen CO!? Where's that, Laurie? ;-)

You are buried in snow! We have more coming, too but we're coming up on the tail end of winter.


WOW. You look like Aspen, Colorado right about now.

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