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Sunday, February 03, 2008



Beautiful display of fabrics, Kim. I could get lost for hours in a fabric store..not just the colors, but the designs...oh, so pretty.


Looks like you got the Batik Bug :) Boosted calcium supplements did the trick for my hands, double the recommended.


I can't wait to see what you make with your pile of fabric. A friend gave up knitting and took up quilting instead because it was easier on her arthritic hands. No reason why you can't indulge in both!


Have fun with your quilting! It's been awhile since I pulled out my sewing machine, but lately (most like pregnancy related) I've had this urge to sew, so I've been quilting up a storm. (You can check my blog, if you're interested, although my quilting isn't anything fantastic, lol! www.alohaknitter.blogspot.com)

Lovely fabrics!


I'm sorry to hear about your hands. I hope you'll be able to resume pain-free knitting soon.

I have a hankering to learn to quilt...one day when I have a room to maintain the stash I know I'll generate! Beautiful fabrics, make them stop calling to me :)

I love the quote that started your post!


I get completely overwhelmed when I walk in Keepsake Quilting. I've been in there three times and came out with nothing each time. I have no problem ordering from their catalog though and have the fat quarter stash to prove it. lol.
Sorry about the Pats.... okay... that's not exactly true. ;-) As a friend though, I'm sorry the team you were rooting for didn't win. I have to say, it's a bit much here in NY today as you can imagine since we aren't exactly Giants fans either. It felt very weird for us to be cheering for them when, as Dallas fans, we normally loathe them. I never, in a gazillion years, would have believed Dan could do it but he was praying big time last night for Eli.

Wool Winder

The first time I walked into a yarn shop I felt so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous colors that I left without buying a thing. As you know, I've overcome that now and always leave with something :) Good luck with the sewing project...a quilt?


I'm sorry to hear that your hands are bothering you, but the fabrics are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you make with them! =)

Deb in Idaho

There is no joy out here in Idaho today--my son and I have watched the Patriots all season, so we felt the let-down with them. We aren't big football fans and don't watch many other games, but I've enjoyed watching the Pats. Knitting fits in so well around the play-by-play! Hope your hands feel better soon, and thanks for all the inspiration on your blog.

Beth S.

I'm sorry to hear that your hands have been bothering you! But maybe a bit of quilting will be just the change of pace you need. You're certainly off to a good start with all those lovely colors. :-)


Kim- Have we ever felt that way in a yarn or fabric store?

I've darn near passed out a few times.


Beautiful fabrics. Sewing has experienced such a resurgence lately--the patterns and fabrics available really boggle the mind.

Hope your hands get to feeling better soon, my friend.


Love the batiks. I too have been returning to my sewing machine - I've been working on some bags and some baby stuff. I'm planning on getting back to making quilts too.


I'm sorry you're hurting and hope that the break from knitting makes things feel better. I agree that Keepsake can be quite overwhelming. I've only been there a few times but it's always just SO much. I tend to stick to the area with the reproduction fabrics, of course.
As for the Pats, well, there's not much left to say, is there?


I too have arthritic hands- was my left hand/ thumb only and now my right hand/ thumb has followed suit. Very frustrating as well as painful. I'm in the midst of a flare lately. Beautiful fabrics btw.


I was a quilter for 15 years and yet this past year, I haven't finished even one! I should pull out the fabrics again. I hope your hands feel better soon.

Teresa C

Yummy! I recognize some of those fabrics from my own stash. You are inspiring me, not only with the yarn an knitting, now with the sewing!


my sympathies on the pats heartbreaking loss tonight, but as a new york native, i gotta gloat just a little.


i'd say no matter what, your colors are always exquisite. i just added to my Woolen Rabbit stash with a few skeins of Opulence for Oh Canada and I can't wait to get started.

the yarn is truly loverly, and the color is completely sublime.

whatever your magic, keep it up. and of course, i hope your hands feel better soon.


Well, first of all, GO COLTS!!! Ooops, wrong year. . .go Giants, then!!! Sorry, I'm a Hoosier. I'm watching the game, and so far, so good!!! I'm sorry your arthritis is flaring up. Does the weather affect it? Thank you for sharing the book you use for your passages. I have to add that one to my list.

Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

Such gorgeous fabrics! But I must keep repeating -- no new crafts, no new crafts!

Marcia Cooke

Regarding the hands....I hear you! I've now got bumps on several knuckles, but I keep on going. I find that glucosamine helps me, even it it is all in my mind! The batiks are gorgeous, but I have to say that was my reaction the first time I visited Keepsake. Just overwhelmed! And I had two non-quilters waiting impatiently for me to hurry and do my shopping! Hmm, now that I know you live nearby.....!


GO PATS!!!! All the way from Michigan!!

Mary E.Dadds

Funny,Lately ive been thinking of doing a Quilt.
Ive never done a real Quilt but ive been putting fabric together and im planning on it.
Im waitting to see what you plan to do.
Im sure it will be exciting


Enjoy the game! I suspect your Pats will prove victorious.

Hope those hands are feeling better soon. I would probably be wise to take a lesson from you and do the same.


Go Pats also!!...alas, I'm surrounded by fans of the OTHER team here in upstate NY. Keepsake Quilting-I'm jealous, as I'm also a quilter-I've done a fair amount of mail order from them. Fortunately, a really nice quilt shop opened up 2 miles down the road! Also-there is a book called Pain Prevention Exercise for Knitters that I bought several years ago. It helps a lot-highly recommended.


Try keeping your fingers and hands supple with hand exercises harpers (and harpists) do: 1)spread your fingers out as far and wide as you can and hold, relax and repeat 2) "curl" your fingers inward from pinkie to index finger in a fan motion, then rotate thumbs right and left - not at the same time tho'! 3) put both hands palms up, facing away from you (as if you're saying "Stop") and pull hands further toward you (stretches wrists), and 4)in this position, fold fingers down toward palm and hold. (We) just have to keep moving, that's all!

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