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Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Oh, Canada--indeed. It's beautiful.

Thanks for the heel & mascara tips. I struggle with both, and will take your advice!


Your projects are looking gorgeous!! And thank you for the tips - I so need that good stuff for the crqacked heels and some nice mascara would be a treat too!


Ooh I just love burts bees but haven't tried that mascara - I'll have to hunt some up. I am a beauty product fiend, I just love trying new things! =)


I love Burt's Bees products with all of my cold, dark heart ;) For a while I used their baby lotion as facial moisturizer too, and the peppermint lip balm is never far from me.


oh goodness, i LOVE that mascara... i discovered it in my christmas stocking this year! i'd been using Bad Girl by benefit, and i am soooo in love with it, but unless i cover it with a quick shot of good clear stuff i look like a raccoon in the morning (yes, i almost always go to sleep with my makeup on, yes i still have clear skin, i don't get it but it works for me haha). but the kiss me stuff? holy cow it rocks. glad more people out there have found it!

i don't get girly about many things... in fact, i hardly ever even WEAR makeup. but when i do, boy do i appreciate quality :)


Wow! Oh, Canada!! It's looking great! thanks for the tip on the mascara. Love the prose at the beginning, as always.

Susan Pandorf

Thanks for the tips, Kim. And check out my blog for more WIP shots and a surprise award...



You make my day!


So sorry they don't sell that mascara and footcream over here :-(
The knitting looks beautiful !


Pretty WIPs! Thanks for the recommendations - I'm going to go get some of that Burt's Bees.

Beth S.

I hear you on the heel problems. Mine get very bad in winter! Thanks for the recommendation.


Perfect timing! I need new mascara this week! I don't use that much makeup either, and it takes me FOREVER to use up mascara. In fact, I usually throw it away because it's dried up or whatever. I will totally give this a try and although $24 does sound high, I only buy it once or twice a year, so it would be worth it. Thanks!


Those dog snoods are killing me. Killing me! How's the wand on that mascara? I'm very picky about the wand; my favorite is the wand on Maybelline Full n Soft. But that smudges under my eyes.


Beautiful knitting as always, Kim. I've been a big fan of Burt's Bees Foot Creme for year. There's always a tube in my nightstand drawer and it gets slathered on and covered with foot socks at least once a week before I slide under the sheets. Another good one is Miracle Foot Creme. I even like it a little better because it isn't greasy.

Wool Winder

Good for you for completing your goals. Everything looks great!


Kim- Burt's Bee's also make a salve they used to call "Wise Woman" and I swear by it. I love all their products.

The Oh Canada is lovely- I am so tempted!


Looks like knitting progress was made. Can't believe that we have very similar staffordshire dogs...guess it is that spaniel thing!! Will have to try the Burt's Bees cream...I swear that the cracks started right before I turned 50!! Yikes. Bee socks look good, and the new rabbit sock over at Susan's looks good too...I have got to get some test knitting done and my swap project off the needles, but have managed to start a sweater for the boy...figured since he liked it and said he would wear it, it had to go on the project list! Happy knitting!!


the oh canada is looking amazing! - and your bee socks are just buzzin along :-) (lookin' grand as well)
a big congrats goes out to Ashley - you must be so proud and happy for her!


all the knits look sooo pretty . . the stole is positively edible.
thanks for the tip on the mascara; i rarely wear makeup but when i do i bemoan the quality of most mascara . . i always wish it was more smooth and not clumpy. gotta look good for those photo shoots, you know . . .


Those little ceramic puppies look like miniature version of the ones I see on the british "cash in the attic show"! And I shall have to try that foot cream!


You might be onto something there...good tips Wednesday;-)


I've used that Burt's Bees heel cream and I agree that it's good stuff. The problem is remembering to use it!

kathy b

Well, I have been looking for a great mascara. Thanks! Another blogger swears by Lancome. Im going to try the kiss kind


that cream sounds so nice.. and relaxing. Your shawl is looking good!

pat jarvis

HEY KIM - THANKS for the tips - my guys use the burt's bees shaving soap , but I haven't tried the foot cream - love O' CANADA - guess, I need to think about it being a loyal canadian and such - it looks wonderful in your yarn - have not yet started my bee socks - , but all I hear are people ohhing and ahhing , so soon!

pat j

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