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Friday, January 18, 2008



Glad is was a nice time! Good job to Cleo and nice knitting to you!

Wool Winder

Even Texas is getting a little cold weather this week, though nothing like your area, I'm sure. The stole is gorgeous and so it the bee sock!


And she is looking so innocent :-)
Your stole is going to be georgeous ! And so is the sock, just take a deep breath and start over again ! I had to rip my whole Tangled yoke cardigan( I was almost ready to start the yoke) because it was too big, but I cant bring myself to take a deep breath just yet ;-)


I totally understand what you mean about ripping back, and how it dampens one's enthusiasm for a particular project. I recommend an early morning start with a strong cuppa tea.... and go for it (without too much thought)
That stole is going to be fabulous. Love the colors (and of course love Anne's pattern)


I just found your blog today, and thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent "catching up!" Fiber, puppies, spinning, bunnies, more fiber, dogs, knitting, flowers, New Hampshire (DH is from NH originally), bees...what more could I ask for!?


Welcome back! Glad you had some nice weather and good job Cleo! Happy New Year!


Aren't puppies fun to show? You just never know what they're going to do. LOL!


Didn't you know she's royalty? The judge has to look at her... not the other way around. lol. I'm jealous you got to go to Texas. Gorgeous lace, Kim!


Welcome home! She's a doll...just a doll and dolls like that can get away with many things;-)


Glad you are home safely! Looks like I'll be missing SPA again this year - we have a family shindig we've got to do the previous weekend instead. :(

Teresa C

Well, I am glad to hear you are at least thinking about socks. Finishing would be best, but you are taking steps.

All of these wonderfully cute dog photos have me thinking I need one. Then I remember that it is me thinking that and everybody else wants the puppy, I'd be the only mommy.


Your Cleo is such a cutie! And your stole is beautiful.


Welcome back! Glad it was a safe trip. All these shows contribute to her experience and maturity, just like figure skaters and competitive skiers.


I'm sure little Cleo will get better and better. I'm glad you're home but sorry about the cold weather!


Well, just chalk it off to the Diva in her coming out!! I have one like that, perfect angel at times then the Diva comes for a visit!!! Glad you had a bit of warmth. Going to be cold and snowy here tomorrow, 2nd time in a week! Glad you are back. Missed the updates.


Miss Cleo is so beautiful. Sorry she was naughty. I really like the shawl and sock.


sounds like you need a nice relaxing weekend!


It doesn't matter how Cleo behaved, her cuteness makes up for any bad manners! I love how the shawl is coming, and the yarn is awesome! I missed you on here! Glad you're back.

Cheryl S.

Too bad Cleo didn't want to cooperate, but maybe she'll do better next time. At least you had a nice warm week, and Cleo is looking mighty pretty. Her fur looks like silk.

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