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Sunday, January 06, 2008



I love your socks! I just rec'd Knitting Vintage Socks for Christmas and I am hoping to cast on for a pair soon. I really like the solid-ish yarn you used.


Beautiful socks! I wish you all the best in finishing your WIPs!


that is very pretty spinning fiber!
and i'm so honored that you consider honeybee your "treat"!

Cheryl S.

Oh, those poor lonely socks! Maybe you should start a new fashion trend, and wear a different sock on each foot. Then you wouldn't have to make two of the same.

Wool Winder

You really must finish the mates to those socks, because they are all gorgeous! I think your motivation plan will work.


Sometimes it's best to take a step back and live life as it feels right. Good goals...we'll be watching your progress (that oughta help, too;-)


What a perfect idea for self motivation! I feel the same way about knitting lace, every stitch is a pleasure. Why is that?

Thanks for the reminder that I should post some of the spinning I've been doing lately for NaSpiMoMo.


Those socks look great! I'm sure you'll have plenty of mates for the 1-sock wonders soon enough!!


Ooh-la-la- I love those socks and the yarn is simply scrumptious. I hear you on the WIPs screaming out at ya. It seems to have made a lot of knitters 2008 To Do lists - Finish the WIPs. It's a great goal. Best of luck


Glad to see you back, missed the updates but I'm glad that you had a good fiber week. I used to have the second sock problem, that is until I figured out how to do two at a time. Has made life so much better, no guilt, when they are done they are done!! The bee shawl is coming along nicely, can't wait to see it in all its glory. Also it is nice to know that I am not the only one poking around ravelry. It is addictive isn't it...have a wonderful week!


what fabulous socks.. I think I'd better add them to my cue . did you adjust the pattern at all? I often find that her socks are designed for very narrow feet, and end up a bit tight on my average size foot.
I joined NASpiMoMo too. AND I dug out my wheel today. what a delight.
I love the goal of finishing one more sock per week. (I, too, have lots of singles laying around - I chalk it up to having made so many old booth samples... but no more excuses! - grin)


Socks look great. Can you tell me what colorway you used for that third sock from the left--I assume it's one of your own.


I saw on someone's blog awhile back the neatest idea. She had second sock syndrome as well, so this is what she did to help herself deal with it. She would knit a bunch of socks--only one of each design. She knit about ten different socks or more. Then, she would go back to the beginning and knit the second one. That way, the first one seemed all new again. I kind of liked that idea. The way I am, I would probably have ten different socks with no mates, forever! I feel the same about my unfinished work. Why do I stop on something? There are lots of reasons, but socks are the worst. I hope you do better that I! I love the sock pattern you made. I bought the book for that pattern, actually.


I love your new socks! Thanks for spinning with us.


Beautiful socks! I tend to work better with goals like that, too. I used to have trouble making myself put away the laundry. So, for awhile I paid myself $1 for every load I washed, dried, folded and put away. I used the money to buy some CDs I wanted (this was before I started knitting or I would have bought yarn) and I created a better habit, too.

Alarming Female

Ooh--pretty socks!

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