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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Kristi aka fiberfool

Thank you so much! I just noticed this in my stats today. But the link is pointing to my old blog which was why I hadn't noticed it until now :-(


Oh my goodness! Black Velvet is gorgeous!!!
I'm looking forward to checking out some of the blogs that you nominated.


What a wonderful blog you have. Love your creations...will come back to visit again.


Oh, my gracious, kim, it looks like dessert. A berry bursting cobbler of a dessert yarn. SOOOO nice!


Thanks, Kim. You're on mine as well... if I ever get it posted. lol. The Black Velvet is GORGEOUS!


You so deserve it! Love your blog! Thank you so much.


Wow, I love the happy accident!! And since I haven't been on the net in the past few days, just read about Ashley's success, that is great. It is grey here in the heartland as well, had a white-out blizzard the other day, forgot what that was like!! But I am having fun with the boys, knitting and doing a bit of cleaning so things look good for when my sister gets back! Stay warm!!

Wool Winder

Black Velvet is sure to be a best seller!

Teresa C

Hey! Thanks! You make my day, too! I'm really looking forward to SPA and all of your new yarns. Can't.Wait.


Your yarn is so lovely - and I totally enjoy your blog :-)


Those colors are all beautiful!


The new happy accident is so deep and gorgeous! I also love the prose at the beginning. I look forward to those. You just keep making those little discoveries with the dye! Wow! Oh, and yes, gloomy isn't the word for this day.


Wow - those colorways are so rich and deep. It amazes me!

Susan Pandorf

Nice color. I'm thinking maybe you have a competitor for the Blue Moon's Raven Clan here.

McGregor's Garden was all the way to the end of the heel, when I decided I really HATE the way a regular heel looks on a toe up sock. So clumsy! So I frogged back and am doing a nice, neat short row heel. Much better... Should have one done and the pattern to you for a good test knit by early next week.

Back to Morocco.


Me want Black Velvet NOW! Kim! It's so beautiful as are all your yarns and colorways. Thank you for making MY day! Blogland has been such a wonderful place to make REAL friends, friends for life. Love you!


Thank you, sweetie. You always make my day, too. I love your new yarns. Are you dyeing for SPA yet?

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