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Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Another Aurora owner here (plus a 1530). Bernina makes great machines, don't they? You'll have so much fun getting to know yours! It is amazing how much sewing machines can do these days.

And good luck to your daughter! I like the sweater she's wearing in the photo!


Yay for Ashley! Yay for your Bernina too - I love mine!

Wool Winder

How exciting for your daughter...and a proud moment for you. The dogs are so cute in their snoods. Great work with the sewing machine.


Are those pictures mislabeled, or are Cleo and Skyy twins?!?! So cute I can't stand it!!

Good luck to your daughter - who is like your twin!!! :)


Your daughter looks so much like you! Good luck Ashley! And Pup, so cute it's scream-able. How do you stand it. I've been quilting a lot lately and a new machine would be fab but, all the bells and whistles have me stumped.


Yay, Ashley! Good vibes winging their way in support. :)

Have fun with the new sewing machine. Those pups are adorable with (and without, of course) the snoods.


w00t! for your daughter!!!! And that little puppy face is adorable.

pat jarvis

HEY KIM -ment to say in my email congrads to ashley and all the best for her chance to win - so lucky to have a daughter with a fine singing voice

- your two girls [ ie pups] look cute - do they not mind? - but I do love to see their ears

pat j

Teresa C

I was looking at machines last night at Portsmouth Fabric Company. Bernina just keeps coming up with stuff, it is unreal. I can't justify getting one, even with the BSR, just yet. Maybe next year when they start selling off the demos.

Go Ashley! Let me know what song she chooses. I wish I could come up and be there, and I would, but we are already going to be away. Bummer.


Your daughter is so pretty! You can tell she's loaded with talent. Good luck to her. Did you make her sweater? Cloe looks a little puzzled, but she'll get used to her ear napkins! She's so cute. Now, on to the big issue here, the Super Bowl. I have to tell you, Kim, that coming from Indiana (you see where this is going?), I am a HUGE Colts' fan!!! I won't hold it against you, that you're a Patriot's fan. As for me, I'm afraid I have to support Eli in this one!!


Hi Kim,

I love the snoods! Can you direct me to where I can purchase some please? Our dear little boy from you (Sam) constantly has his ears chewed short by Eli (5 yr. old), and right now Sam has "puppy" looking ears! It only happens when we go out for a few hours.....I need a remedy and I don't cage my dogs at all....Eli has now resorted to chewing his own ears since Sam's are so short! Thanks for any advice!


your dogs are so clean and pretty!
good luck vibes are going out to ashley . . hope she finds a great song.


We aren't talking about the Super Bowl in our house. Sore subject with you-know-who. :-)
What a hoot those snood pics are. lol. I keep saying I'm going to make some for Aggie but have yet to do it.
Congratulations to Ashley!! Wish we could make it up there for the performance this weekend!
Isn't it so rewarding to create something with the sewing machine? Love the little bag!


What a nice sewing job you did, and best wishes to Ashley! Congrats to her for making it this far!


All of your girls look very cute. Good luck!


I would like to know what sweater your daughter is wearing....inquiring minds. Did you make it? It is really nice. Huge congrats to your daughter as well.


Much luck to Ashley! Winging vibes your way!


Congratulations to Ashley!! Sending good vibes her way for the next round!

The girls look so cute in their Snoods!


Congratulations to Ashley!!! Sending good vibes her way for the next round!

The "girls" look so cute in their snoods!


I love the cardigan your daughter is wearing. Is there a pattern for it? Good luck this coming weekend.

Marcia Cooke

Congrats to your daughter! My youngest son is a singer, so I can relate. As for your sewing machine, ouch. I bought the same one in September and have not used it yet! One thing after another, then the holidays, and....well, it's embarrassing! Maybe this week....


The snood is too much, particularly combined with that face!! I love that fabric, wish I could find something cute like that, need to make a new dog bed. The sewing machine sounds like something...makes my Viking look like antique!!! Good luck to Ashley, how exciting. I am sure whatever she picks it will be perfect. Was thinking of you as the Patriots won, too bad Green Bay didn't pull through, but the Super Bowl looks to be a good game.


Every time I see your Cavs I want one!! Someday...

Good luck to your daughter!

Beth S.

How interesting! Do the dogs mind wearing those? Or are their expressions always that soulful? :-)


That does sound like a great weekend! Your dogs are so adorable.


That face is so cute, but she looks a little like she wants her ears back;-) Nice work with the machine!
Good luck to Ashley!!


Good luck to Ashley!! That's so exciting!


I bought a new Viking sewing machine in March, and we still haven't bonded. (I have been using my old Viking instead, which is 22 years old.) I've been making project bags with zippers, and I'm going to overcome my Fear of Zippers if it takes the rest of my life! Your drawstring bag is a good idea---did you use some kind of separate cinch for the cords to keep the bag from opening itself? Your dogs are precious---I hope you don't mind, but I have saved one of your pictures as a screen saver on my computer. In it, one of them has her muzzle stuck through a chain link fence, begging to be let out of her pen. I feel that way allot of the time here at work, so I can relate.

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