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Friday, December 21, 2007



Snowmen are the best decorations since you can leave them up all winter. And slowing down is always nice. You need to stop and let Mother Nature tell you what to do. There are people out there who have no idea what slowing down really means. But knitters and spinners do know how to slow down. Enjoy your holidays!

Andrea Fuzzi

Have a great Winter Season for Ypur family and loved ones

kathy b

Merry Merry Christmas. GIve those adorable pups a kiss from kathy b in chicago. I must go check out your hat pattern suggestion. thanks

Wool Winder

I'm always glad when January arrives, because it means I've survived the busiest month of the year. Love the yarn! Merry Christmas!


Kim, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Sam and all of us here the Kopper residence!

Sammy, bless his heart, just grows sweeter and more dear as time goes by! *thank you Kim* for trusting us with this beautiful, best dog ever, boy!



Merry Christmas Kim. Best wishes to you and yours for the new year.


Season's Greetings !

Giving ourselves a little breathing space is always good. Maybe lowering expectations as well ? Trying to make everything, and make everything perfect puts too much pressure on us all. The most important things are the people we care about, after that it's all a bonus !
Have a lovely holiday. My gorgeous sock kit arrived today. I may allow myself that indulgence over the holidays.


Merry Christmas,I got most of my cards out but haven't finished my knitting, oh well next year I might be more organised!


Internet sure has become a big time suck for me too lately. The last few weeks I have stricktly limited my time with that and I find that I can get more things done this way :-)
Weekly goals sounds good to me !
Have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones !


And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Kim!


I never got my cards out either. I'll do that between now and New Years. I too need to find balance between life and the internet- it is a way of keeping in touch, but I also find myself sometimes too sucked in. I'll get more knitting and spinning in and that' a good thing. Love your singles on the Norm Hall!


I think a lot of us have found ourselves in that place. No cards for me this year either. I bought some with good intention. There they sit. My wish, this solstice was similar, to make more open space and time in my life.

Have fun with Gretel, I loved it.
Merry Christmas.

pat jarvis

HI KIM - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO - I think you have the right idea about slowing down- sometimes with all the running , its hard to unwind - I have done little spinning lately and think I am more tense for it - it really does calm you and set a more quiet life pace

enjoy your holidays pat j


I love the idea of incorporating other life aspects into the whole "work in progress" theme. Starting January 2008, I have also made a committment to do at least 30 minutes of some exercise, which will be particularly important if it isn't riding/training with one of my horse boys, so I'm as in-shape as they are for next season.


Merry Christmas! I agree with slowing down, and think I will follow your lead. The internet time suck needs to be regulated, yes.


Merry Christmas Kim!
That BFL is beautiful! Happy spinning.


here, here; i have been giving VERY serious though to that very issue myself this week . . life has not been just busy, but MANIC, and i really need to get on top of that!
thanks for sharing; it's nice to know it affects others as well.


Merry Christmas Kim! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


Happy holiday, Kim! I love the snowman and the Mason jar with the lights! Lovely, peaceful, homey. Enjoy your break. You're so right about the hat. The yarn is perfect for it.


Have a wonderful holiday with your family. I think the idea of weekly goals sounds good...let's see how long we can stick with it. Also love the snowman, he is too cute!! Stay warm!!
Have a very Merry Christmas!!


Dear Kim,

My hope for you is that your holidays are filled with contentment--whatever form that takes for you. The Forest Glen you dyed was just lovely. It took all my will to mail it to the charming woman who ordered it. I wish you peace, hope, and love. Merry Christmas and Blue skies!


Merry Christmas to you! You put into words what I've been feeling lately. While I can't imagine life without the internet and all that it offers, it does have it's downsides - the time suck being the biggest one for me too. It's hard to find a balance, but I'll be trying to do that this year too.


Merry Christmas! Have fun with all the preparations.


I have so enjoyed your blog this year that my goal is to continue to read it. I love the weekly goals. They really do work. I am like you, I used to spin a lot now not so much. So next year I will work spinning into my life again. I have a lot of roving that needs to be yarn. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. We are hitting the road to Texas and will be thinking about snow the whole time!!


I hear you on the busy but I know you can cut back if you really make an effort. I haven't spun in weeks but I've been making up for it with extra knitting time.
Merry Christmas, my dear dear friend.


Oh yes, my Christmas cards are still boxes, awaiting time (and energy). The internet is the epitome of good and bad. Without it we wouldn't have become friends and it's the way we keep in touch...it's just that there aren't enough hours in a day for all we love to do. At least life is full!

Cheryl S.

Have a lovely holiday! I am totally in agreement with you on the good/bad of the Internet. And with the Christmas cards. They're still sitting in their box. I sent out e-cards instead, when I realized there was no way the cards were going to get in the mail. (Hey - one more great thing about the Internet!)

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