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Wednesday, December 05, 2007



Beautiful socks ...


Oh my goodness what lovely socks, and such a lovely sentiment too - what a nice way to start the day! =)


beautiful socks - and I the belvedere kit is lovely too... Eggnog coffee, a big snowstorm and knitting by a fire sound perfect to me. I'll be right over.
I can add my 'amen' to what you said to your son... he will remember your wisdom for a long time I am sure.


When I'm going through difficult pathways I try to set small goals that I can achieve daily so I feel like I'm making progress. Like right now, my goal is to power through every day so I can go back to bed. And I'm successful! Every day is a success! Yay me!


You are BUSY. The socks, wow. Such productivity!

This is the perfect blog milieu to be starting colorwork...knit, rip, knit, rip, knit, rip. And then not worry about it.

Donna in ma

OMG!! Is that the bee sock??


Beautiful knitting and dyeing, Kim. I know it's cliche but it's true... it's not how many times we fall down but how many we get back up. I was just talking about this with Jeremy the other night too. He was being really hard on himself about past mistakes he'd made and I pointed out to him how well he came out of it and moved on.

Wool Winder

Gorgeous socks on your needles! Stay warm. It's a good thing you love winter.


I have to tell you, I love the Marina! I thought I would like the other better, but now, I don't know. They're both beautiful! I love the quote, as well. I like how you begin with a quote, and end your post in a circular pattern. Very peaceful!


That golden honey sock is so lovely...like a ray of sunshine! The green one is beautiful too. Thank you for your words of wisdom. :)


Wow! You are one busy knitter! The socks look gorgeous in your yarn! That Moroccan shawl is beautiful, I love the beads!
Good luck digging out of all that snow!!


oooh i love kirsten's sock in your new colorway! it looks like eddying water.

Cheryl S.

Eggnog coffee - oh yes! And eggnog French Toast, and eggnog with brandy, and eggnog straight. Mmmm Mmmm. The socks are beautiful!


Both socks are so beautiful! I was just thinking that I had enough sock yarn to last me a long, long time. But seeing the Belvedere pattern with the Marina yarn is weakening my resolve. Does the pattern come in multiple sizes?


Pretty socks! I'm with you - I love winter and snow!


Both socks are beautiful and will be wonderful kits. Moving forward - ugh, it can be so hard sometimes.

pat jarvis

KIM - I love your new sock yarns-was one of them going to be your alternate moraccan shawl colour - its beautiful - can't believe how you are whipping off those socks, but I guess beautiful yarn plus pattern inspires

pat j


Love all the socks and all your beautiful sock yarns, too. We're hoping for a largish amount of snow but it may be awhile.
Life is all about that forward, backward motion, eh? ;-)


Saw the weather report and wondered if you had been "buried" up there. I remember one PA weekend when we had 31 inches by the time the storm was done! I do love winter as well, miss it in fact. It gets cold here and on occasion we do have a bit of snow but there is nothing like a good blizzard! You look like you have made good progress. Love both of the socks, and know that now that it is in writing they both will have mates!! :-)

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