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Friday, December 28, 2007



I always love me some fresh snow! WE only got a dusting but at least we had enough prior to keep all in white.


Such a pretty WIP! I wish the cities in New England could look so peaceful in snow as the farmlands do.

Wool Winder

The snow is beautiful! What a contrast to our winter. I loved seeing your pictures.


Beautiful! It is so much fun to knit and spin with it white and cold outside.

Teresa C

I hope all of that snow (and more) is there when Pete and I come up in February!


Thanks for the beautiful snow pictures. That really is one of the things I miss the most. Having grown up in the midwest and spending time in the Rockies I miss the beauty of snow. It is a rare sight here!! The yarn is beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished hat! Happy knitting!!


I love Gretel. It's funny how a blog with a certain pattern will spawn a rush on the design! I have the pattern, and I'm waiting on all of you to work it out! I know Sknitty made it with Fibre Company Terra, and it's gorgeous too! So many choice! You will be offering the yarn you're using--right? I love the snow pictures. I have my own collection, here, in Maine! So pretty.


Your Gretel will be fabulous! And your photos are gorgeous - the snow is so beautiful, as long as you don't have to drive too far in it:) Be safe!


wow, such pretty snow pictures; and a beautiful hat too. it always surprises me how litle yarn a hat takes; you would think that for that amount of "bang", the buck should be bigger, but no . . .


You mean "worsted" weight yarn right? Hehe. Great photos. We got rain instead.


The snow is lovely. Snow can be a good thing. I just wish some would come my way.

I love the colors of the yarn you are thinking of for Gretel. I am going to have to watch the video so I can try it out since I have the pattern too. It looks like a lovely hat.


This morning's commute in was gorgeous; I love it when the snow sticks to every little branch like that.


Wow your backyard and the rest of the surrounding area pictures look amazing! Pretty cold but amazingly beautiful!


Your BFL is working up so great! love the color combos - and I hope you have enough for the hat.
Thanks for the photos of your lovely snow. They keep promising some real snow here, but so far it hasn't happened. It's just gorgeous back there!


It's so beautiful up there! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Your Gretel is looking great. I'm getting ready to cast on now. I watched the video yesterday then never quite got back to casting on. :)

Kat with a K

Pretty! I'm hoping to start Gretel soon as well.


It's really beautiful there, thanks for sharing the photos. Isn't Gretel a fun pattern? It was my first tubular cast on and I thought it was pretty cool.


Your landscape is so beautiful, Kim.


The snow is so beautiful! Especially in your backyard. I'd love some snow.

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